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Today I decided to re-charge my work out program after a three month hiatus, due to sickness. This past school semester I had a full course load, as well as driving over 400 miles a week to and from school, completing an internship, and tending to my two middle school age boys.

I had seriously implemented the Paleo lifestyle, and had lost 35 pounds, gaining mental clarity, a new ability to focus, as well as energy I hadn’t had in years. I incorporated daily 45 minute zumba sessions, as well as walking, and some of Jillian MIchael’s Youtube workout segments. But, when the semester ended, it became clear something was wrong with my digestive system.

Apparently, the Kind bars and other nut filled snacks I’d used as the mainstay of my diet triggered diverticulitis, and I had two very serious attacks that left me in a quandry as to how to keep pursuing the very active lifestyle, and the Paleo diet when I was in so much pain. I was not able to attend summer school, and I ended up sleeping quite a bit. The abdominal pain kept me from working out like I was used to, and my hernia flared up as well. As a result, I gained the last ten pounds I’d lost in May, which didn’t help my self-esteem or resolve.

The turning point came when I took part in Jo Dunning’s Healing phone conference, Tell Jo What you Want. My spiritual mentor has studied some of Jo’s techniques, which was how I learned about this wonderful healer. See more about Jo here, http://www.jodunning.com/Public/Home/index.cfm

The session was so powerful, and I received such a huge healing, that when I woke up, most of the pain in my abdomen was gone. I decided to make a change