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As some one who used to lift weights and exercise regularly, I know what works best for me, and what’s best when I am starting over. I also know that I went from walking 10 miles a week, plus zumba, to no exercise for three months. I know that flexibility is a must, otherwise I will put myself out of commission quickly with an injury for trying too hard, and then the failing will make me upset.

I stumbled across this wonderful Youtube channel, Blogilates. Great place to start, as there are many levels for beginners, for target areas, and at different amounts of time depending on what you can do. I will start every beginner session with her 10 minute beginners stretching for flexibility video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia5ZTVQnsBw .

This is also a way to begin toning my sexual muscles, as I know that Pilates works on the core of the body, and elongates muscles, so it will strengthen and make flexible many parts of my body that I may not have used before, or at least, in a long time. This will be crucial in moving into the many different positions for sexual pleasure and increased excitement, for as your lover can put you easily in different ways that he enjoys, and you can help or can hold yourself up, he can focus more on the actual movements of the interaction itself, and have more freedom to pleasure you, as well. As you become leaner, with longer muscles, and more muscle tone, it will boost your self-confidence, and help you to stand straighter, taller, and to have more swish in your hips. Men love a loose, swishing gait on a woman.

Once that is done, I am ready for a short, strenuous, yet fulfilling workout. I know that I can’t handle long segments of aerobics, and the only zumba workouts I had currently were for beginners, which would be a waste of time because I still have muscle tone and strength. I turned to Jillian Michaels. She is great at HIIT, and is careful not to overexert you in the beginner Shred clips. HIIT is HIgh intensity, interval training. It is crucial to obese folks like me, because it has short bursts of intense work, and then slower intervals to help me catch my breath. Crucial to my beginning success as I have over 30 lbs to lose, because it will be hard to keep up in the beginning, and I know I can’t hold up for long periods of intensity. I like the fact that it is a 30 day challenge, because I look forward to it daily, it’s only 20 minutes, and I know that every second with her counts. That is key, short sessions that utilize fat burning and cardio, but don’t over strain the newly created muscles. She also yells at you to keep your attention, and gives very precise ways to do the exercises, with one person who is a beginner, and one who is more advanced http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pc-NizMgg8.

This made me feel so good afterwards that I walked a mile on the road by my house, which is just off of the parkway in Virginia, and has some great hilly elevation grades.

I slept like a rock.