I scanned YouTube for a way to begin the exercise regimen. I started with the Pop Pilates for Beginners Total Workout, 28 minutes in length. Doing the 100’s caused me to feel that death was approaching. I noticed the ‘twang’ in my hip flexors, and knew I was doing it wrong. I will definitely have to put the soles of my feet against the wall next time, because I have a large dip in my low back, as well as a huge butt.

On top of this, I’m dealing with a huge diastasis of the rectus hernia, which occurred while pregnant with my first son, so all of my stomach muscles in the wide band in the front separated. I was in my second trimester, and all workouts had to stop. Several doctors over the years have just dismissed it as normal, and I have to deal with it unless I have surgery. No one has explained the side effects exercising has on it. I will keep pushing onward. It’s hard, though, to remember doing 1,000 situps a day, working all three muscles groups, as well as having a personal trainer, and going to the gym. Deep breath. Keep going….

After this video, I scanned Jillian’s channel, and chose her Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, which is a six minute intro. Again, short, fat burning sessions are the way to start. I felt really good after this, and just started surfing YouTube to see who else came up. Fitness Blender had a pretty good series, so I picked Quick Sweat Cardio Workout because it also has a calorie printout and some plans. I hope to look at it more tomorrow, but it is also short, and eight minute workout.