Yeah, I said it. Image

As earlier stated, men love me. I’m on an online dating site, and get over 5 offers at least, in a week, as well as overtures from at least one married couple, and one guy under 32.

I’m very intelligent, independent, and forward. I give off a seering sexuality with a look that most men aren’t used to seeing. When we chat, text or sext, they go nuts. If and when they are lucky enough to have sex with me, it’s unreal. The problem is afterwards.

I am neither a victim, perpatrator, nor am I an enabler, so it makes dating very difficult. A great deal of men my age are homeless or close to it, as a side-effect of divorce. Others are so run over and beat up that they are empty and needy. Still more are spiteful, bitter, and will never be emotionally available.

The other category are the rich, powerful men. They have held on to their money, their pride, and are many times, some sort of perpetrator. These men also chase me, because I am brave, unabashed, and enjoy men, as well as understand them. Again, a woman like me is not one the rich man can take out to show off with his friends. I may give him the world, please him in every way, and be his equal, but I am not what society deems as suitable or attractive. We are less than. It’s an epidemic.

With photo shopping, body doubles, plastic surgeries and enhancements, there is no way for a 40 something woman to get a true picture of how she should shape her body.

I am a huge, tall woman with Celtic and Native American features, and a have a very large head. I have big bones, and am built like a brick shit house. I said it.

I Googled famous big and tall women to see what came up. The tall part was pretty cool…at 6′ – Uma Thurman, Geena Davis, Brooke Shields, Venus Williams

I am almost 5’10” – Michelle Obama  5’11” – Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen

( Jeez, that makes me feel great…) super models…125 pounds worth, each…

That being said, I am currently talking to five different men. Don’t ask me why. All of them know, to some degree, how big I am. I’ve yet to meet them, so I’m sure at the dates with some of them this week, they’ll be surprised.

I have one date tomorrow, another Wednesday, and am enjoying texting, fantasy writing, and just talking to a very wealthy, hot man my age about 180 miles away. I’m not sure where this is going, but I ‘ll keep you posted….