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Wow! The Crazy Spiritual Chick is in high demand!    dating site pictures reveal issues

I strive to balance adult, personal mommy time evenly with

two big boys/ mommy time. Then, there’s

mommy puts on her big girl panties and goes to school, tries to

create a new job, meditate, and receive, as well as give, coaching advice. Oh, and sometimes I sleep, and cook.

So, date number 2 came in an off-handed way.

I do NOT chase men. I browse thumb-nails of who’s browsing me, and then I get drawn to a picture for one reason or another, and then I take a closer look.

So, this guy looked really preppy, and was with his dog in an older picture. His dog. Then, he was holding a big ole’ fish, looking preppy. In another, older pic, he was in a suit at some function. So, NOT my type.

In Rochelle’s dream world, there exists a man who is rugged, yet gentle, has a stable financial situation of some sort, is romantic, and smart, yet loves the farm. Oh, and he needs to be good with his hands. I want to build a dream farm with a big burly, smart, hot, man who may want to have a child with me.  P.S., universe,  he needs to have hair on his head. I want to run my fingers through it. (Just sayin’ while doing the EFT tap on my collar bone…more on that, later)

So, I don’t message this guy. He will see that  I looked. (He made a mistake, I thought). Well, he looks at my profile again. So, bully that I am, I sent a snarky comment. “Talk much?” He sent back, “Oh, I love to talk. I can talk about anything.” (Snore.) I don’t comment, and he shoots back with his number. I don’t call. Two days later, he is back again, saying “Don’t you want to talk? I gave you my number?” So, I decide to be a nice girl, and I start a conversation with him.

Come to find out, he is a self made man who fixes all sorts of things, and is also into day trading, and was raised on a, get this, farm. He used to chop wood, tend to livestock, and trap AND dig up wild ginseng. And, he’s a Cancer. I love Cancer men. (more on looking to the zodiac for helpful date choosing advice later).

He was very cautious, and I really had to review the needs and fears of a Cancer man to assess him holistically. His pictures were old, so I couldn’t get a current energy ‘feel’, which made me nervous. When a potential date doesn’t have current pics, it sends off lots of red flags. Such as

– Is he computer savy, and can’t take his own pics? Some men are old fashioned, and detest anything that suggests modern. Need more info, if this is the case.

– If he isn’t, can he keep up with me? Hhmmmmm….

-Is he more comfortable with how he used to look?

-Is he hiding something or things? (more on this in my intuiting post)

I’m such a damn curious Aquarius, that I bite, and go on a date after several stimulating and interesting conversations.

In person, (C1 for short), was very attractive, and had a very pleasing energy. He was engaging, friendly, told very interesting stories, and had gorgeous, lively eyes. Oh, and thick, luscious hair. He felt healthy in mind and spirit, and was a perfect height.

(continued in Behind Door #2, P. II)