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I kept getting drawn to his profile.

It didn’t make sense. The picture was unattractive.

The energy was almost non-existent.

Why did I keep clicking on his page? He could see it, and then it made him want to look at mine again.

Then, on Monday, he started texting, and pursuing. Hard.

relationships, sexuality“We are NOT compatible.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You are depressed, unhappy, and we don’t have any interests.”

“Yes we do. I’m part Apache and Cherokee. I love to farm…That picture is a year old. I’ve lost weight.”


Every day I when I get up, I drink my coffee, I thank Creator for this life, this awareness, and for the guidance I’m given. I set the intent for my day, and ask only for my Highest Good. I do this so I don’t have to worry. I do whatever draws me to it, and then I let my Higher Self interject when necessary, as well as Divine Guidance. This means that there are no coincidences. For me, everything that happens has a purpose.

So, I bite his bait. I start asking question after question, which he answers. Not before shooting a text to me that stated, “I thought were weren’t compatible.” Oh, brother.

And, so it began. This strange conversation that turned into fascination, then infatuation. I had to go meet this man. To see why I was getting all of the confusing messages. We decided to spend the day together on Saturday. Then, on Thursday morning, after 200 messages, I decided to be forward and see if he wanted to meetbeforehand. I wanted to meet halfway, as the drive is over two hours. He stated that his truck was in the shop. (Red flag #1) But, Aquarian curiosity struck again. So I invited myself to Roanoke.

“What? You want to come today? Hell, Yeah. I’d love it. I’ll take you around downtown, we’ll eat something at the food court…” He was beyond interested. I wasn’t sure what to think, I just knew that I had to do it. My intuition is like that. I said my prayers for guidance and clarity, and headed up I-77.

*   *   *   *

As an aside, I will share with you an update about the grad student. We had a few long emails before we met on that first date, and I explained what I was looking for in a man, and he played along like he wanted the same thing in a woman. He also said he loved to cook, and would love someone to spend time in the kitchen with. Now, after our date, we had some fun the next day, sexting for about two hours. Then, after one of my texts, it stopped. Nothing. A day later, I sent him a pic of a lovely dish I made, and heard nothing.

Understand this, and it will save you much pain and heartache.

In the beginning of the attraction, it isn’t what a man SAYS that matters. It’s what he DOES.

I just let it play out. I didn’t send nagging texts about how he was just like all the other guys, I didn’t ask him why he was so quiet, I let him be.

On to door #3.