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healthy food choices, diet, spirituality

Southern standard foods are comforting, and not necessarily ‘bad’.

Even though I haven’t been carrying on publicly, 

quietly I have been counting food intake, 

watching when, why and what I eat, and asking my 

Higher Self if my food intake is for my Highest Good.

Our finances are very tight, so sometimes I make old time favorites for the boys that are filling, but perhaps not the best choices. 

Especially as we are all gluten/casein sensitive, which is really hard on my acid reflux/ulcer issues. 


I ate TWO biscuits because they were SO good. Yes, I made them. And, I enjoyed every bite. I just accepted that they were made with love, fresh goat milk, and organic coconut oil ( a soft solid that is VERY good for you).

The next morning, Wednesday, September 4, after getting on the scale, I saw I had gained two pounds! “Bad biscuits”, I thought to myself. So, that day, I just drank my fresh juices I made with beets, apple and carrots, and 2 cap fuls of apple cider vinegar. 

I did NOT punish myself. My ulcer did that on its own, for two days. But, I did juice and eat salads. 

So far, I had lost 6.6 pounds. It looks like I’ve lost about 3 inches, as well. I started this blog on August 25th, so am 12 days on my path to integrated health.

What I didn’t realize until a couple of hours later on Wednesday, was that I was starting my cycle. The healthy changes had not only been soothing the ulcers, but had also helped my hormones.

I have a history of endometriosis, and PCOS (poly-cystic ovaries), so usually have terrible migraines, PMS is through the roof, and then bad periods. So, I had no clue that is was here. Thursday I gained another pound, and then Friday, I lost it. Today, I am back at 235.6, where I left off. 

This is EXCITING! I normally gain about 6 pounds, and then some comes off, some doesn’t, combined with three days of pain and bed rest. This was half of the weight/bloating, and only one day of pain! 

My inner children are smiling.