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Could you live in here with no a/c or fan?

Could you live in here with no a/c or fan?


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No one gets imprisoned due to simplicity.
I have worked with traumatized people for over two decades, and most were either perpetrators or victims. The sad thing is that the only difference between the two is that the perp, rather than be forced to continue being victimized, had to identify with and become stronger than the perp to survive.

Those of us who break the cycle do so because someone emotionally healthier took us in, cared for us, and taught us how to become Aware. If there were more mental health programs in the community geared toward preventative measures to help underprivileged of all skin colors, instead of excuses allowed for some perps and not others, then true reformation could take place. Why aren’t prisons giving prisoners DBT, healing toxic shame through inner child group therapy, or depth psychology sessions? Because keeping “we the people” broken, isolated and confused is America’s cash cow.

Locking a wild, wounded dog in a cage does not domesticate him, it makes him worse. When an experienced animal trainer takes this dog and works with him regularly, teaching and giving positive reinforcement, miracles occur.

As an answer to your ending paragraph, my response is that they don’t have windows that open, and their doors were closed, as they were in lock down. How are the prisoners supposed to function? If the doors had to be unlocked for the men to be handcuffed, how were they refusing lock down to be so placed in isolation for now 8 days? I don’t know if he will be allowed to write escalating letters. They won’t accept mine, and sometimes they throw his grievances in the trash.

He and I both understand that his being where he is will be a way to make a difference in the future after we fight to get him released, it’s just very hard sometimes to sit still in the middle of the fear, and face it. We will keep doing all can.
I appreciate your even listening.

One last thing. I would personally be curious to know why the prisoner threw the excrement. Did anyone ask him?
Warm regards,
Rochelle Long, Atsila Agisdii