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(Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll, please.)

I am an anomaly. I have accepted that it is so. I get it from all sides.    

You have the power to create lots of great stuff in your life!

You have the power to create lots of great stuff in your life!


As a single woman, I have to be strong.

If I have hot, consensual, glorious sex with

a gorgeous man ten to fifteen years my junior, who pursues ME, I am a whore.

If I choose to give my affections to a man four to ten years my senior, I am a gold digger.

As a single mother, I must be vulnerable. As an empath, intuitive, and psychic, I get attacked for my poverty –

(if you’re so damn good, why aren’t you a millionaire, the skeptics scoff?)

As a teacher of Native American spirituality and earth medicine, I get put down for charging for my work.

As a person with Asperger’s, I get penalized in the business/professional world for not being neurotypical.

And, you think YOU have it bad.

It’s called, POV, or perspective.

The secret to the Universe, or Your World, is….

how you view yourself. Repeat after me…

The Secret to understanding My Universe is how I choose to view Myself.

No, No, No, Crazy Spirit Chic…I had crappy parents, men/women step all over me, no one loves me, I have been beat up, hurt, used, I’m…

Stop it.

The reason I haven’t been using a lot of research, scientific terms, psychological references, or metaphysical, new age-y adages, etc. is because you are already bombarded with a lot of confusing, expensive gimmicky advertisements telling you that if you just look outside yourself and try, buy, or listen to ‘x’, your problems will be solved. And, like me, you’ve tried ‘A, B, C,D, Z-Z, and 1,2,3’; only to be worse off than before.

I am coming from the heart of unconditional love to you. There is no service charge, shipping or handling fee, or or 3 payments of just $39.99 if you act NOW.

I don’t care if you are agnostic, atheist, an emo, a bible thumper, Catholic, Jewish, Indian dot or feather – just open your mind to the possibility and do this with me.

Take a deep breath. Say out loud…”I ask my High Self to connect to Fire Eater’s High Self so she can share this with me. ” Breathe.

Imagine an iridescent, pale pink light coming from your heart, and in this light is a small rose, slowly opening. In the center is a little baby being born. It is safe, healthy, and smiling. Open your hands in front of you, side by side, and allow this perfect little happy baby to rest safely in your palms. Look right into the eyes of this little bundle, and say, “Welcome home, –(insert your name). I’m so glad you’re here. I’m going to take care of you from now on.” Allow the happy little baby to go back to the rose, and the rose to close, and go back inside your heart, where it is safe.

For the first time for most of you, whether you are a man or woman, you are free to feel unconditional love.

This is the beginning.

Whether you’re male or female your authentic self, the self you were born into the world with, has  been acknowledged by another objective, unconditionally loving Other. You’ve just met your authentic self. Welcome home.

Now that I’ve given you the key, it is up to you to open the door. The science, the over-used terms, the expensive workshops, cds, dvds, music, whatever… are all great, but until you are READY to open the gift and see what’s inside, it’s pointless.

I’m ready if you are.

Be blessed, Fire Eater