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Do you really consider what you're buying in all of those 'cute' packages?

Do you really consider what you’re buying in all of those ‘cute’ packages?

typical CAFO where the majority of supermarket meat originates

typical CAFO where the majority of supermarket meat originates

What are you feeding the ones you love?

You must  hear me in your heart, as the Ones who know do not speak out loud about these things. The fragile tapestry that is our life is being threatened.

“It is coming,”he said, “of a time when even dog will turn against man. This will be the end for mankind.” Cherokee teacher, Elkhorn Vaughn, in a class on the Cherokee way.

Do you truly understand what you are eating, and why?

Mass produced meat, coming from CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) is a terrible poison to our society, for many reasons.

However, this is not a dissertation. It is only one small voice in a sea of hate, fear, and unbridled anger.

Listen up. Your children are angry because you are you are feeding them angry food.(the Earth)

Please consider the value of what you eat. We’ve all heard the body is electric by now, so why aren’t we giving ourselves positively charged foods?

Because no one is talking about it. Understand this –

The organs in your body require at least a MHz of 70(typical minimum) to resonate at a healthy frequency. The average tumor resonates at 30 MHz.

Why does cancer spread so quickly? Because the body registers a tumor as similar to a fetus, and it ‘knows’ it needs to be at a higher frequency, so the body creates a network of blood vessels to ‘feed’ it, hoping to raise the vibration from 30 to 70 or above.

Fast food has a MHz of 3. Hear me? 3. Frozen food. 0. Now, compare that to a rose, whose MHz is 326, and completely edible. That’s also why you will pay through the nose for a good quality essential oil. It is worth it.

If you interested in understanding the importance of energy through food as medicine, see http://thecreatordeems.blogspot.com/2013/07/energetic-exchange-frequency-of-foods.html.

I learned this while studying the work of Hanna Kroeger http://www.hannasherbshop.com/, and while working towards my herbalist studies with Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing, http://snh.cc/. Amazing people whose schools of thought have continued on. I will try to write separate blogs on each of them. Their remedies are very affordable, and very efficient.

I will tell you that this is very hard to find, so an easy way to see what plant sources are the best for you is to go to a trusted name in essential oils, like Young Living, http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/. See what the most expensive oils are, and this will tell you what is best for illness. Study any old time-y medicinal books, as roots and seeds are Nature’s treasure chest. Have you ever wondered why American wild-crafted ginseng sells for $400. a pound?


When I go to the store, I put my hands over the food, and I talk to the meat.Yes, I said it.

I apologize for the treatment of the animals, and I ask the energy of the animal to let me know if I should eat it or not. The meat will tell me if it is sick, or cancerous, or if the muscles are full of anger from the way they were treated, as well as killed. This is not a joke. Inquiring minds want to know, and I’ve crawled out from under my Southern country bumpkin rock to tell you.

When possible, I get a fifth of beef from a local farmer, or ask around and see if someone else is going to split a beef. I get milk from a tiny goat co-op near me that I trust her hygenic principles, and know the milk is clean. Fro examples of dairy co op info, http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/rbs/pub/jul02/rising.html

There is legislation in place to make it illegal for small farmers to do this, so we need your support. Some areas won’t even allow private folks to have dairy animals for their own use!  The more you buy from the small farmer, the cheaper the products can be because the ROI will be more lucrative for us to do it for you.

I can’t write any more for now, as the post is too long, and my  job coach says you won’t read this far on the page.

Just think about it. The milk in cartons in a store, is dead. Animals are mashed together with no fresh place to wander, lie down, or any fresh, live food to eat.

Did you know that dead animal parts are swept up and put into fodder for cattle? Don’t take my word for it, read what the EPA and others have found, http://www.cafothebook.org/

You are putting that by-product on your cereal, drinking it straight, even putting it in your baby’s bottles. Can we really wonder why our youth/adult are so angry and violent?


There is only one person here.