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A true measure of a woman is not in the NUMBER of men she beds, but rather, how she holds on to him when he is not in hers.  ~ Crazy Spirit Chic

I write erotica.

Not all the time, and not for everyone.

But, if I am interested in a man, he will definitely get a taste of it.

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When you take care of yourself, he will want to take care of you.

I am actually getting ready to change my phone number, as I have men that still text me that I met as early as March, and I never know when I get a text who is sending it until I open it, and I am amazed(or annoyed, depending) at my ability to affect them so.

The word ‘seduce’ has been bounced around by different cultures, and has been altered so that it’s true meaning has become blurred. If we look at the 14th C, Old French, we see that it means simply to ‘reclaim’, from reclamer – to call back the hawk (to the glove),  which implies that he is now tame or subdued.

This is the true desire of every man – to be made tame, to be calmed, to be safe and secure.

I have been alluding to this in all of my posts, just in a variety of ways. You must love yourself, be secure in who YOU are, before a man can be seduced.

Let’s look at the three ‘S’s’ that drive a man – ‘Status’,’ Sex’, and ‘Security’. This is what it boils down to for them, and, depending on their life experiences and where they fit on the totem pole, these three items will vary from man to man. Understanding their zodiac is also key if you really want to get the best man for you, as it will explain what makes them tick, their secret as well as public personnae, and what they want and need from the world, as well as you.

As you keep working with me, either professionally as your relationship coach  or spiritual advisor, or  reading along as if I am your big sister, etc. you will begin to cultivate yourself in new and exciting ways. You’ll also learn why you’re stuck in certain spots of your life, what’s not happening, WHY you keep making the same mistakes, and then to move forward, you will begin to open up to seeing what men truly need and want.

As you meet your personal needs ~ by taking care of your body and soul, by giving yourself value through making better choices, through developing ceremony and ritual in your life, as well as practicing self-love and grieving the lost parts of yourself ~ you will then be nurtured and healthy enough to give freely and nurture that special someone, as well as your children, who really deserve a healthy mommy. This is all necessary if you are going to seduce him properly, and make him yours.

(See Why You Must Seduce Him, P.II)