I hear this alot from women/men who email me from all over the globe.

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Are you willing to take a chance?

As part of a site for psychics who help other developing psychics/intuitives,  my forum has over 20,000 views alone since November of 2012,

 and that’s without any special advertising on my part.

People just stumble on my work, or it spreads by word of mouth. I often work with moderators of the site, and have always been known as a healer’s healer because of the level of energy that I give off.

No matter the level of knowledge or experience, this is the question I get asked every single time ~

I don’t know what to do to fix my life. Can you help me?

The answer to this, every single time, is “Yes. If you will listen to what I have to say, and see how it resonates within you, and be open to the possibility of making change.”

It’s that simple, folks.

I have been working with, seeing, experiencing, reading, studying, putting hands on experience into the etheric layers of this plane for over three decades. I spend six hours a day in a mixture or research, meditation, writing and reading about energetics. I have come out of the woodwork only because I felt led last year to begin teachng and working with people all over the globe, although I have been asked to teach for years.

If you would take a minute, I’d like you to look over the following questions below.

Would you answer ‘yes’ to any of these?

  • Are you often tired, lethargic or never seem to have any get-up-and-go?
  • Do you feel dizzy, light-headed or get dis-oriented throughout the day?
  • Do you find yourself apologizing for things, even though you couldn’t change them, anyway?
  • Are you often late for appointments, dates or functions?
  • Are child-hood memories fuzzy at best, with some spots even blank in your mind?
  • Do you feel guilty after having sex, even if you haven’t done anything wrong?
  • Will you allow your partner to see you naked, or do you always rush to dress or to turn off the lights?
  • If in an argument or confrontation, do you feel your voice escalating higher and higher or that you yell?
  • When you or someone near you gets in a slight disagreement, do you dwell on it for hours afterwards?
  • Do you always feel pushed to be in motion – creating, fixing, going somewhere?
  • Can you be comfortable justing sitting near or being with your partner, or does someone always have to be talking or doing?
  • If there’s a potential date in your life, do you sit and watch the phone or email, listening for it to beep or ring?
  • Could you sit in silence for at least 30 minutes?
  • If in a beginner’s meditation group, could you get through the guided meditation, or would you constantly be worrying about what was going on with other people in your life while you were participating in the group?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then you probably answered ‘yes’ to all of them.

These are symptoms of loss of the authentic self.

If you’d like some answers, look here, http://thecreatordeems.yolasite.com/types-of-healing-work.php

If interested, drop me an email, at thecreatordeems@gmail.com

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I’m here for you.

Be blessed,

Atsila Agisdii or Fire Eater, the Crazy Spirit Chic