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(how you can fix it!)

We do it everyday, everywhere, in every situation.

I am actually amazed at how many women (and men!) speak this repeatedly

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Poor word choices can cause undue stress.

in their professional and personal life,

yet they have no clue the energetic and then physical damage it manifests.

Let me explain. My whole life’s work involves the importance of studying energy exchange – via our thoughts, then manifested into words, eventually into deeds. I am fascinated by how we also strengthen or weaken our energetic body based on the types of food we eat, which leads to overall health or sickness, both emotionally and physically.

I combine this with my love of writing, and so study the etymology of language, or the root of our word choices, because the energetics of our spoken language either damages or helps ourselves, and those around us. Think of the work of Pavlov’s bell experiment, Dr. Emoto’s water experiments, positive affirmations/reinforcement studies, and many others.

I could write tomes about the importance of vibronics, energetic food choices, and the responsibility of using positive language in your life, but I promise to brief, and practical.

Stop apologizing, people!

Now and forever, over things that you can’t control. Here’s why…

The word ‘apologize’ descends from the early 13th century – ‘to make excuse for accusation’, or to ‘release from a charge’. It then gravitated towards ‘obtaining release’, or ‘to speak in defense of’ or a way out.

Now, imagine how many times people have used this word in this way from the mid 1200’s to now, 2013…excruciating to imagine how much negative energy we are drawing towards ourselves with just one word, as it gives off a defensive vibration, full of guilt and blame.

Even worse is to say, “I’m sorry”, for that draws from the Old English “sarig”, or full of sorrow, stemming from West Germanic, “sairig” – indicating mental and physical pain, which led the way to resonating with the meanings “wretched, poor, worthless”. Is this the energy you wish to give off to your boss or loved one(s)? (reference, http://etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=sorry&searchmode=none)

In the Native American way, we use ceremony, combined with the oral tradition of prayer, handed down through generations, as a way to call forth the energies of those who came before us, ‘borrowing’ their high caliber of vibration, adding extra energetics to our words or actions.

spirituality, men, women, relationships


What comes to mind for me is to perform the healing pipe ceremony, for as we join bowl to stem, male to female, and use the rites as we are taught in the medicine way, we call forth the energies of all the great healers and metis folk before us, who give strength to our words and the smoke from the sacred pipe as we call out to Creator for assistance.

The Lord’s Prayer is another example of positive vibronics, as we call forth the Christ energy, and all the followers who also chanted this prayer, or have sung it over centuries.

he potential of healing vibration from singing or chanting ancient scripture is amazing.

he potential of healing vibration from singing or chanting ancient scripture is amazing.

Begin making change by instead channeling anger into a creative force – the move into positive action(http://wisdomquarterly.blogspot.com/), a Buddhist practice.

Practical example: in our stressed out society, we often find ourselves running late. Instead of making excuses, getting angry at ourselves, placing blame, etc. make the choice to step into creativity.

You stayed up all night to finish a crucial report so you overslept, and then one of your children missed the bus so you have to drive to the school – you know you will be fifteen minutes late to that board meeting. Your boss will be much more impressed if you call and say, “Tom, I finished the Krueger report, but had to take care of a few extra things on the way to work. I’ll be in at 8:15 on the dot and have it on your desk and ready to go.” This has a firm, positive tone, and shows you are credible, and in control. You actually sound confident, and are self-supporting. You have shifted your energy, and your boss’s, for he doesn’t have to worry if you are going to be there, if you finished the report, if the issue would be resolved. You handled all of the questions before he had to ask, or stress.

Use this in your personal world, as well.

You’re running a little behind while getting ready for that all important first date. There were some issues with a babysitter, so you’re already stressed. There’s a chance you may be late, but your not sure. Instead of getting on the phone, all stressed out and anxious, berating yourself and carrying on about how sorry you are, why not try this instead?

“Jim, I was so excited about meeting you at the Olive Garden that I spent a little too much time getting ready, but now I’m in the car and on my way. It looks like I’ll get there at 6:15 instead of 6, so go ahead and have a drink and relax until I get there. Can’t wait to see you!”

See how this raises the vibration of both people, induces a state of expectancy and excitement, and gives a call to action? Jim will be so glad to know that Sue cared enough to take extra time to get ready, and the reassuring tone encourages him. Now, both can relax, and you don’t have high levels of anxiety in rushing to get somewhere, and causing further negative energy. As an aside, when you stumble over yourself making excuses, it makes you appear needy and incompetent, which will have devastating effects in both your professional and personal life, and you deserve better!

Begin to use the power of positive action creatively in all stages of your life, and it will be amazing what good things you will manifest.

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