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(part II)

I’ve found that women cannot accept compliments.

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Turning away from the speaker devalues what the other has said to you.

Not just from men, but from women, either. NEVER, ever do that, again.

Just give a natural smile that includes your eyes, look whomever straight on, and simply say, “Thank you.” “You are so kind.”

You are showing that you understand your value, or status in the world. You accept that you are worthy.

And, you are.

How many times have you been out with a man, even your husband –

he’s telling you how ‘hot’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘sexy’ you are, and you turn around and say, “NO, I’m not….you’re just saying that…”

This will cause your PD (potential date) to recoil faster than if you were a venomous snake, and you will never understand why he doesn’t call back, even if he doesn’t noticeably react. If you do it all the time, it can ruin a developed relationship.

Here’s why –

Men’s brains are wired for the 3 s’s – Sex, status and security. The level of this will be different for every man, but it is still there.

If you wish to have a successful relationship, and keep it, you will learn how to develop, cultivate and nurture that in your man.

That DOESN’T mean your needs aren’t meant…quite the contrary.

Once you learn how to speak his language so that he is receptive to you, and you under stand your man’s requirement for the 3s’s, he will treasure, pamper, and go to the ends of the earth for you.

I am very serious.

Let me explain.

A man’s true desire is to have the most beautiful woman in his eyes, that will communicate with him like a man.

That’s right, I said it.

So, once you’ve decided on a man that meets your personal criteria, you will need to do some research before you first date.

Find out his birthdate, as nonchalantly as possible. Then google to see what his sign is, and then google “the ‘x’ man”, i.e. the scorpio man. You will find that what this man wants is very different than what a cancer man wants, for example. If you know the time and place of his birth, you can also find out his inner motivation, his deepest fear, what he needs in a relationship, his sexual needs and desires, and pros and cons…and, believe me, you want to know these things, (or just let me help you with this).

If you take the time to get to know him before your first date, by asking about his job, lifestyle, type of friends, what excites him, what stresses him, what are his goals, etc. then on the date, you can sweep him off his feet. (If he thinks you can help him achieve his 3 s’s, you will have great value to him.)

Next, you want to put together a power house of action vocabulary word choices that will drive him wild. If you can speak in terms of how you ~ a. share his beliefs, b. can help him achieve success, and c. make him feel competent and capable, then he will do whatever he can to keep you.

However, if you put yourself down at every turn, it will show you not only don’t value yourself, but that your sense of status is low. Remember, men feel that supply is very limited. They must always compete to be the top cock on the block, and you must exude your worthiness from every pore.

Then, give his desires value. For example, PD is a scorpio. PD will love, want and need beautiful, lavish things. He just got a big raise, and he is sharing this good news with you. He says, “Man, I’m finally going to be able to get a new car. I’ve worked my ass off all year for this. Which one do you think I should get?”

I can’t tell you how many women I’ve overheard or had men tell me that the woman just crushed them by de-valuing things like this. “Why would you do that? Your truck runs just fine. You should invest in a 401k, blaa, blaa, blaa…”

Did you not just hear the man? He’s worked all damn year for the moment. Build him up.

“Oh, PD, you’re right. You clawed your way to the top of the heap with all of those extra sales. You devoured the competition. I think there’s nothing more sexy than a man who drives a candy apple red convertible. Riding around town with the top down, everyone looking at you as you drive by, wow, that would make everyone so jealous. You would look like a king parking that next to the boss.”

See how that handles all his’ s’s’ in just a few, short sentences? He will be dying to find ways to keep you around.

Stay posted…