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tiered barrel

Permaculture, micro-farming, lasagna gardening – all are ways to make the most of a small space. Teaching children how to work the soil, even a small space like this, helps them to feel useful. As they work the soil, get their feet in the warm, rich earth, sweat and get a little dirty, it can also lead to a true, viable interest in nature.
Look at how farm life can lead to a rewarding, yet unusual career if you allow your child to get out of the box ~
Rare breed conservatory owner * Water conservationist * Regenerative Design * Landscape Design * Little House Designer, builder * Specialty Crops (including bee keeping)* Ecological Farming * Energy Work or Body Work practitioner * Pesticide Management Insectologist * Conservation Biology * Bio-dynamic farming * CSA Owner * Earth Stewardship Minstry * Dude Rancher * Marine Biologist * Animal trainer * Show Animal Trainer * Animal Behaviorist/Ethology* Plant Disease Research * Micro-prop technician * Greenhouse worker… it can be workwhile to let them play in the dirt.

When we choose to see different ways our kids with special needs can thrive if given the chance, then we give them hope, empowerment.