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Where do your hands rest?

Here’s a simple exercise I’d like you to try –

When you have a few minutes of privacy, I’d like you to stand in front of a large mirror, like in your bathroom.

Stand up straight, but comfortably, and look softly into your own eyes. It is best to do this in your underwear or even naked.

Look at yourself from head to toe, slowly.

Now, imagine a lover has walked in behind you.

Where do your hands subconsciously move?

For most women, it tends to be around the belly button. For others, higher, resting right over the actual stomach, just in between the ribs.

Or, you may try to cover your breasts. Pay attention to this, because your body is speaking to you, and write it down.

Next, pay attention over the next couple of days; when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, awkward or in a confrontation, where are you hands going, and what are your arms and legs doing?

In my practice, I have had great success with assisting women with their health and emotional issues based on strengthening their energy field, or aura.

These places that your hands fly to are indicative of weaknesses within your body, due to emotional issues that you are experiencing. I find that most people cover the space right above their bellybutton, what holistic folks know as the third chakra. This is due to a feeling of helplessness or being stuck. This area of the body deals with doing the physical work that creates change. Bringing thought to action. The power to create. Anxiety, and the need to defend yourself also rest here, as well as personal strength, or lack of.

The more you lack in these areas, the weaker this section will be, and it can create disease over time, with organs that rest there, such as pancreas, gall bladder, liver and bowels, for example.

It is important to begin paying attention to these signals, not only as clues to work on your overall health, but also because of the signals you are sending men, and we’ll look at that next.

If you’d like to know more about protecting those weak areas, let me know. I’m here.