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I found this to be a lifesaver.

Switching to a gluten free lifestyle is daunting if you don’t have direction.
For the unwitting celiac, it can be a miracle once one discovers Paleo.
My growing years were full of trepidation, dread and horror, as I was pumped full of antibiotics,
Riddled with congestion and fatigue, and driven to school, kicking and screaming, drowning in congestion.

It wasn’t until I began to raise three step-children, as well as two of my own, all with special needs and various dietary considerations
That I began to learn about celiacs. I was 100 pounds overweight, suffered from terrible sciatica, gout, GERD, and high blood pressure.

I studied nutritional herbology, which explains how to use food as medicine, and what was meant by “live” food, how to juice, to make tinctures and why, and how flower essences and essential oils can aid the body’s healing process.

Then, I found this cook book in a thrift store, and it has truly changed how I use flour, and is quite more cost effective than
Buying little pre-mixed bags.


Silvana’s all -purpose flour blend has changed my life

Silvana’s All -Purpose flour blend ( makes about four pounds)

Blend – 6 c. White rice flour, Bob’s Red Mill 3c. Tapioca flour, Shiloh Farms ( I used Bob’s) 1-1/2 c.potato starch (Bob’s)
1 Tbl. Salt 2 tbl. Xanthum gum (Bob’s)
Whisk all and put in airtight container. Use this for cakes, biscuits, pancakes, gravies….

Can order from vitacost.com
See Silvana’s wonderful recipes, here