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I couldn’t stop shaking!
(Have you been in a situation where you were overwhelmed with anger and didn’t know why?
Or, maybe your reaction to a situation seems grossly inappropriate but you can’t help yourself?)health, spirituality, self esteem, hope

Locked out of class again for being two, TWO minutes late!
And, it was snowing. I would have to stand outside for fourty five minutes
until someone came outside for first break…
then the pain started – familar, and hated, starting right above my belly button and straight out of my back.
I began to walk and breathe, deep and slow, expanding the diaphragm out and in, out and in, walking into the greenhouse. Down the main isle, forcing my middle to expand and compress, pushing the pain out of the body.
Pausing, I raise my right hand, the one that gives, and use second and third fingers to move in a clockwise motion on my forehead. Then, I use the four main fingers of both hands to continue rubbing, left hand counter-clockwise, right hand clock-wise, along with exaggerated breathing, for about ten seconds. There. It subsides, and I can spend my time among the beloved tropicals, waiting for some student to venture out so I can dart inside.

Welcome to the world of energy work. This is your host, the third chakra, and today we will be discussing why I am causing you so many damn problems!

The space between your navel and the bottom of your rib cage is the most common place I’ve seen people protect in their daily encounters. You’ve seen it or done it, the arms tightly crossed along the middle when in conversation, even when one doesn’t appear to be in trouble. Many times in sitting, I’ve also seen you cross your legs.

hope, self esteem, chakra system, spirituality

Feeling threatened?

What is that about, oh Crazy Spirit Chic?

This, my friend, is the place where we draw our self-esteem, purpose in life, ability to control the self and others, bringing dreams to action, power, self-defense, vitality, and self awareness. When we over-use or are not in balance with these issues, it weakens this part of our body, and will manifest into dis-comfort, and eventually, dis-ease.

Signs of a weakened third chakra – diabetes, hypoglycemia, control freakiness, anxiety, insomnia, inability to create, being stuck in life, loss of purpose, no sense of direction; issues with digestion such as ulcers, chronic constipation, acid reflux.

Besides working with conventional medicine and feeling helpless, here are some holistic alternatives that you are welcome to consider.

  1. The most fun suggestion is dancing, i.e. zumba. As a former body builder, aerobics and exercise nut, I have found that zumba is geared to assist more obese, out of shape people, so you don’t have to worry if you’ve never danced, twerked, used a step, run a marathon..whatevah…just get the beginner’s series from youtube, amazon, and start! People who dance have a stronger core, more flexibility, and are better (much) in bed. When you move in a soft,
    health, spirituality, women, chakras

    Even the dogs get it ~ dance!

    flexible gait, you get noticed more, and are much more sexually and physically attractive.

  2. I can’t say enough about Pilates and yoga. Start for free by yourself on YouTube, or better yet, find a local studio and   support your small business owner who will give you great encouragement and friendship.
  3. Try the exercise I stated above. We stress the third chakra when we force control, or have to stay in the ‘fight’ defensive mode all of the time. Moving into the sixth chakra, or ‘third eye’ allows the realm of truth, intuition and creativity to flow, resting the middle of the body, and allowing more positive, peaceful alternatives to evolve. The forehead rubbing induces this healthier state. Especially good for those who are often confused, anxious, have learning disabilities, high blood pressure, or low immune system.
  4. Consider the power of essential oils and Bach’s Flower Essences. ‘Larch’ is a must for those who have had little encouragement or support, as well as those who have endured harsh verbal abuse. See this lovely article for more info, http://www.floweressencemagazine.com/may05/larchsolarplexus.html.
  5. For essential oils, I recommend Young’s Living brand, because I have used many types from differeent sources, and with Young’s you are getting what you pay for. The quality, science and care that goes into these blends are non-surpassed in comparison to the cheaper sources. Now, I will use a cheaper brand if I know it will not be on the skin nor ingested, but any Young’s oil can be taken with juice, or put on the skin with a little almond or olive oil. I recommend looking on wordpress for distributors, as you get about a 10% discount versus going straight to the site. Here is a lovely blog that recommends Jasmine, Orange, Inner Child and others. I personally recommend Inner Child. https://blog.youngliving.com/five-secrets-to-having-more-energy-and-vitality-part-iv/ Use your own judgement. ( I promise to post about essential oils later)
  6. Color therapy. Eat many yellow and gold toned veggies, such as from the squash family, as well as fruits like peaches, grapefruit, apricots, kumquats, lotus root, etc.
    Wear these tones in an array of clothing, from scarves to underwear. Put a felt scrap in your pocket, and take it out to hold it from time to time, even have it dotted with an essential oil to waft when you feel stressed or upset during the day.

……After two semesters of that crap, I decided to move into positive action this semester, and wrote an 8 page complaint against the Horticulture Program, due to sexism, favoritism, and discrimination against single parents. I’ve learned to stand up for myself, and to manifest thoughts into action, instead of internalizing anger. You can, too!