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The best therapy for a child with special needs...

is a dairy goat.
Every animal has its worth, and I love them all, believe me.

A dairy goat(note the word dairy), however, is just a precious thing – smart, sassy, sneaky, ornery, and very giving. Smaller and easier to care for than horses if you have a smaller space, and worth all of the trouble their nosy nature creates.
IF you can be with it all the time; either try a doe or whether.
If you can’t be a full time goat mommy, then get a pair of does.
They will lick, chew, bite, love, hug on you until you learn to respond.
You can’t say ‘no’ to a dairy goat; she will soften even the most stoic of people.
They are bred that way, male and female, to make the sweetest, kindest creature that wants to be around people.
They are intuitive to a fault, and will test you at every turn until you get the fence built right, and they will get into any nook and cranny that is off limits, even the one in that child’s heart.
When she shares her milk, she will give up every drop she has, full of love, goodness and nutrients…unless you make her mad, then she won’t let it down.
You will learn each other, and she will teach you about yourself.