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From Tipsy Lit.  Write about a character with psychic abilities and the trouble they get into because of their abilities.

Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to read any of Doctor Sleep yet, though. This week’s challenge picks up, like Doctor Sleep, with the characters that were left behind from The Shining. So far, I haven’t met anyone not familiar with Redrum and Here’s Johnny!, but it could happen. For this week’s prompt, let’s play with the concept of Shining. Write about a character with psychic abilities and the trouble they get into because of their abilities.

My world is an explosion of colors, electrical currents, and magical beings. Hair in a loose grandma bun, little fingers of wisps dangling about my ears, pointing accusations to those who would doubt my integrity,

I entered the physical therapy office. Nervous, but excited, hands stuffed in the side openings of my favorite faded, blue overalls.

It was a quiet Saturday morning, the room only half lit by the flourescents overhead.

Soft tinkling electronic music drifted from a shiny boombox by the door, on the registration table, next to an open cedar jewelry box cradling a variety of pendulums. Flourite, hematite, pink quartz, citrine – long, thin crystals delicately housed in the swirls and knots of wrapped copper wire caught on sterling silver chains. I let my finger trail over some of them as I walked by, listening to their high, melodious voices; “…pick me, I’m here, I can help you understand….” Yes, I know. I would love to take you all home.

There were already several distinguished looking men and women sitting rather stiffly

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This was going to an interesting workshop…

with crossed ankles in a circle of metal chairs, some leafing half-heartedly through the class textbook. Couldn’t they see the dazzling array of colors around the instructor’s bent body as she was reaching under her chair to pick up some materials, the dancing shadows of the fairies behind her on the white wall? There were drums, too, and the screehing of jungle birds, but only my friend Karen and I seemed to know these things.I smiled at the nurse who was volunteering to help with sign up, and handed her the sheet that had been mailed to me last week, now filled out in my spidery handwriting. I paid in cash, as usual, and grabbed the closest seat, in between another woman about my age, and an older, distinguised looking man, very distant. This was not going to be easy.

I saw the dog, a large german shepherd, by his feet, to the left; grizzled and sad, his huge head resting on old paws. He looked at me once, dark eyes pools swimming among the wrinkles of his forehead, patches of grey hairs intermingled with the other, dark black brown furriness.

I smiled into the thick glassed eyes of the neurologist, his sandy brown hair rested in waves, covering bushy eyebrows.

“Pleased to meet you, Dr….uh…”

“Dr. Stevens. And you are…?” he extended a long fingered hand that seemed to shake a little as it fluttered in the general direction of mine. “…and, how did you know I was a doctor?” His smile was lopsided, with thin lips. Secretive and doubtful, a little unfriendly; but I couldn’t help myself.

“Oh, I saw it in your aura, all of the little instruments around you head….nice dog, by the way. He must care for you deeply.” I nodded toward his feet while gently shaking his hand. “My name’s Rochelle.” He quickly withdrew his hand, looking down at his feet, his head bobbing to and fro, making little jerking motions.

“Oh, I just meant your animal guide, the german shepherd who must have passed a while back. He keeps close to you, by your feet, as if he is guiding your every move. It’s clear he feels very protective of you.” I smiled a little, and wanted to laugh when he jerked back to sit ramrod straight in his chair.

This is not going to end well, I thought to myself, looking across the room and winking at Karen, who had seen the whole encounter and was shaking her head back and forth. Don’t worry, I messaged her inside my head, Ill do my best not to say anything too dramatic.

Karen is my psychic side kick, the more practical one. She gives me great advice on the things I experience through the ethers, and I push her into new levels of growth. She knows how excited I get when I get around people doing energy work or who are at all open to the etheric layers. This was going to be an interesting class, I could already tell…