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My studies into how to help the human body holistically have been an honest endeavor;

a quest to be well using natural ingredients, making wise food choices, and using non-invasive procedures.

For two decades I have worked to to be well in mind, body and spirit; learning all I could about Nature’s cures.

I came across this wonderful medicinal by accident, and it has been a constant companion to my pantry ever since.

After the birth of my first son, I was very ill, and wasn’t sure why.

I called the mid-wife a couple of times, but she dismissed my worries, saying that things change after you have babies, and to just expect it.

Thank goodness, I had studied nutritional herbology at that point, and was familiar with tinctures, the power of herbs as healers, and a few CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) modalities. I knew, on a energetic level, that a woman should not have any odor or internal pain a little while after childbirth, when  the body begins to settle down and heal.

I would like to share with you that if you are having vaginitis, or any strong, musky odor that may or may not be accompanied with mild itching, it needs to be addressed. Empower yourself with knowledge when it comes to your health and body. Don’t ever feel afraid to ask for help because the issue is of a personal nature. You deserve to be healthy and whole.

Because I had worked with an herbalist on my previous endometriosis, I called her for help. She recommended this product, which I wanted to share with you. It is crucial because of the overall healing potential of this herb. It is perhaps the single strongest herbal remedy for yeast, fungal and bacterial infections in general. Yes, it is very potent, strong-smelling, and pungent; but when you or someone you love is sick, you will be glad to have the information. I would also suggest that you work with a naturopath or herbalist when first learning how to administer or ingest this supplement.

Let me introduce you to oil of wild oregano.

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As always, I suggest Young’s Living Oils because I know these are food grade, which means they are pure, and created with therapeutic intention that can be taken internally. Most cheaper oils are made from lesser plants, or are not tested or manufactured with this type of quality. When it comes to the use of oils, it is crucial to make sure you are getting therapeutic or food grade labelling.


Please don’t take my word for it. I am hoping that my sharing this type of information with you will pique your interest in doing your own research and seeing what works best for you. I have found this wonderful set of videos that you may wish to explore to learn more about natural and holistic alternatives as you empower yourself.

Dr. James Meschino DC, MS, ND, ROHP, RAP, is the Director of Nutritional Therapy at the Cancer Immunotherapy Centers in Toronto, where he works with a team of medical physicians and an oncology nurse, who provide patients with conventional and leading-edge integrative cancer therapies, including dietary modification and use of nutritional supplements that influence key biological targets in the adjunctive management of cancer. (Cancer Immunotherapy Centers)


See his wonderful video about oil of oregano, here, http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=how+to+use+wild+oregano+oil+to+treat+yeast&FORM=VIRE3#view=detail&mid=3658277D80C47E9B9E6A3658277D80C47E9B9E6A

I have used this for dental abcesses while waiting to be seen by a dentist, for external skin abrasions, to treat cuts and wounds on my pets, and whenever there is a need for an anti-viral, anti-fungal. It will help with foot fungus, and works on cold sores.
This is a wonderful addition to the medicine cabinet, but please be sure to research it first, and see how it could help you.
Here are some wonderful suggestions from the WebMD site,

A lot of times, a man won’t tell you that he is turned off my something this personal, but he just won’t want to be intimate with you.
Not only will you be left wondering what was wrong, you could develop a serious problem down the road.
Take care of you, so he will want to, too!