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When either we or our loved ones hurt, it is easy to become frightened, feel weak or worse yet, helpless.

Healthcare can be far from affordable, and finding way to get better without a doctor visit can be a top

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These are different grades, but any are fine to add a drop to a candle.

priority to many of us, especially single moms and dads. As we begin to tackle the onslaught of home remedies, miracle cures, nutritional supplements and the like, one can easily feel overwhelmed.

It is a personal goal for me to help clients find unobtrusive, kind and supportive CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) for their families, as well as themselves. One of these alternatives is the use of essential oils.

I will share with you what I tell my clients; explaining why some cost more than others, and what different types of essential oils can benefit you, and how to use their potential for your highest benefit. If you are looking to learn more about alternatives for you to explore in conjunction with your own health regimen, have issues that doctors can’t seem to pinpoint the cause, or are just plain curious, then I hope this article will be useful for you to start your own path. As I am not a doctor, I need to suggest that you start here, and continue your own research, looking for a good naturopath, chinese medical specialist, herbalist to give you even more empowerment. I can open a door for you, and you decide whether to enter.

My own personal journal with the power of essential oils began in my twenties, as I had been very sick for most of my life, and wanted a healthy way to improve. Full of allergies, pain, premenstrual discomfort, low self esteem and other trauma side effects, I was tired of allopathic’s medicine desire to keep me full of meds.

There is a great deal of science behind why essential oils are an effective medicinal choice, and I will just briefly list some of that information here.

Each oil has anywhere from 100 to thousands of components. Below is a list of some of the most common –

-monoterpenes  react quickly to air and heat, making it important to keep in a cool, dry place with a colored bottle. Oils high in this component, like the citrus group will not last long, and should be use quickly. Examples are  – pine, orange, ginger, balsam fir and frankincense.

Great discoveries of the uses of the chemical compounds of several EO’s, through the meticulous work of Otto Wallach in the 20’s. He isolated, identified, and discovered common attributes and medicinal possibilities for the terpenes. These became chemical breakthroughs for us today; enabling “precise and consistent scientific production” of EO’s. http://science.howstuffworks.com/dictionary/famous-scientists/chemists/otto-wallach-info.htm

These aid as anti- inflamatories, virals, bacterials,  and septics. Some also aid as decongestants.

Sesquiterpenes – are more complex and have a variety of uses medicinally.  Quick examples would be chamazulene, in German chamomile, and rose and other florals, farnesene. Anti-inflamatory, as well as anti-allergenic, their uses are quite extensive in alternative healthcare, making rose oil one of the most expensive and valuable oils in the world. See also cedar wood, patchouli, sandalwood and myrrh.

-Phenols are also great for the same reasons mentioned above, and also stimulate in a therapeutic fashion. EO’s containing these should be used briefly, and with care, as they can be toxic if overused. Great examples are cinnamon and clove oil, which are wonderful against different types of sickness, but must be used wisely, and in very small amounts. Other examples are ylang ylang, cassia fennel and basil.

Here is a great site I found that goes into some depth with the chemistry of essential oils for you to check out…http://www.essential-oils-4-healing.com/chemistry-of-essential-oils.html

Wintergreen, botanical Gaultheria procumbens, ia probably the best overall useage essential oil, as it can be used for so many different illnesses, pains and discomforts.

If you were to ask me to recommend one essential oil for its value right now to start one’s journey, it would be Thieves, the particular brand being that of Young’s Living Oils.

As we are entering winter, with much more enclosure and exposure to sickness, especially if we are in a school or office setting, Thieves can literally be a life saver. Used by the thieves in the Black Plague, they survived by using this combination of oils. It is unparalleled in its healing potential, and the taste and smell is not as pungent or overpowering as oregano; due in large part because I use Young’s for finest quality and food grade quality. Even so, it must be used carefully, and in small quantities, and is quite effective when doing so.

Briefly I would like to mention why brands of EO’s vary so much in price, as well as show how plants can be used in different ways to either lessen or increase the EO’s value, as well as alters how it may be used.


A – the purest, therapeutic quality…edible with care; processed by steam distillation, the best process. This plant material will be guaranteed organically grown. These will normally state therapeutic grade, with Young’s being known for this type of quality.

B – food grade, but don’t be fooled.  It does not have to be organic, and can contain various toxins.

C- more for perfumes, but really is not worth using, as it is cheaper, low grade, and contains harmful solvents.

Although I am not a distributor, I personally recommend Young’s Living Oils because I can attest personally to its value. Until a recent post on Facebook, I did not know of any other truly reputable Grade A oils.

Once you consider the grades, you must also consider the botanicals used, as that makes a huge difference in quality, as well.

For example, if we look at this new site, which I haven’t tried, you can see that just for lavender, there are 3 options –

Lavandula officinalis, high altitude, the best quality for medicinal use,(and what I would personally buy) then the next would be Lavandula officinalis, and then Lavandula spica. If anyone knows of the reputation of this company, it could be a great resource, http://www.nhrorganicoils.com/products.php?category_id=754

Lavender has so many wonderful qualities that I would also utlize it as an all purpose cleaner, even adding it a small spray bottle of water, about 24 drops or 1/4 t. per quart of water. Shake well and allow to blend, a few hours. Use this on sinks, toilets, bath tubs, trash cans, door knobs, and is great to mix with some lemon essential oil, as well or vinegar.

I will give more detailed information on how to best choose oils in my next post.

Here is a site I used for some of this information, http://www.essentialoils.co.za/components.htm