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You WILL feel me; I will be answered,       relationships, spirituality, musings

tearing through cement, glass, bars.

I will rattle your cage, break your chains.

My skin burns to feel your flesh to my flesh, as if it is your rib my heart beats behind.

This bed, too long cold, demands to be filled with your musk, sweat, ocean energy of the cancer man.

My man. I will claim you, breast to chest as teeth glide, yours against mine

in that minute of passion, lust and makes me whole. You. Me. Us.

The sound of two hearts beating in a pow wow drum, in time to the wails of the singers,

spirits soaring.

The ectasy of  reunion burning through space, time, those that would destroy, to that which would be free.

There shall be victory in this life; if I must drag it, screaming as the hawk who has lost its prey,

hands tangled in hair, determined to not let go this wild thing, bouncing, thrusting over the rocky trail of truth.

Even if it will force my last breath to bring it so, I will not rest until we are

breast to chest, skin on skin, breath intertwined, energy coiled and radiating soul mate heat.

Get ready.