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You’ve been watching him, watching you watching him; yep,

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He couldn’t possibly be interested…could he? Being shy and timid won’t help you find out.

we’ve all done that at work before.

For days now, across the top of the cubicles you’ve caught that co-worker from the corner of your eye; who is he on

the phone with – who is he texting – then you see him glancing your way, then away, then back.

Next, there’s that slight brush-by in the elevator, or in the hall, so slight, so innocent, but you thought you’d been struck by lightning!

After your last weekly meeting, he lightly touches your arm, asking you to come by his desk to go over some suggestions in regards to that crucial point you brought up about your latest customer issues, a slight smile on his face. Do you –       a. tilt your head a little in his direction, soften your gaze and say with a welcoming smile, “Sure, Ill be by in a few, as soon as I finish up my emails;”

b. Look down at his hand like it has leprosy and mumble some thing incoherent and jerk back like you were bitten like a snake

c. give him a serious look that means all business and say something like, “Don’t worry, Jim. I have it all under control. Thanks though,” and then walk off trying to look all calm and in control?

d. melt and start to drool while falling all over yourself to exaggerate how much you could use his help? “Oh, Jim, that would be so great. I don’t have any clue how to handle the Johnson account, and you have so much experience. This new account has me over my head. Would you mind?”

Well, I’ve seen and done them all in the past, and the only one that worked was a.

The problem is, most of us don’t have the confidence to do it. Why? Because we’ve been programmed over the years that men should be emasulated or beat down, and that we can’t get a man unless we trick, play hard to get or manipulate him. WRONG!

That only keeps us from enjoying relationships, or having the chance at true happiness that comes from sharing the crown with that special partner. Men need us to show our interest, to be engaging and friendly, inviting and calming. It’s part of the 3 S’s that they thrive on, and it is our duty, and a wonderfully fulfilling one at that, to create that for him.

I want to help you stop having to live in fantasies, reading empty erotica written by others,

When you make the change inside, he will be dying to do this for you...

When you make the change inside, he will be dying to do this for you…

resigned to unfulfilling relationships, and instead, give you some tools to see and touch that hot guy for yourself. You can have the relationship you want!

Getting that doesn’t have to be difficult or  take years of dedicated slaving away at the gym, copying every move or  outfit of your favorite movie star, and especially not by giving away a piece of your  soul to every man that comes along in the hopes that he’s “the one”.

What it takes is a belief in the possibility that you deserve, and can have   the best out of life, and believe that it is possible to change. Once you accept that you are worthy of the best, the other puzzle pieces will fit easily together to create the picture you want.

To help you, I’ve created a really short, FREE, listening exercise, (3 minutes)

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When you feel good, you look good, and everyone will want to get close enough to find out why…

utilizing techniques learned both experientially, as well as in studies on vibronics (how the brain responds to sound). Different frequencies, tones, notes on a scale, instruments – all effect us in many ways. Mixing these with subliminal suggestion has been shown to have a powerful effect on the mind and our ability to stop or start patterns of thinking.

It is not a meditation, but an invigorating mixture of sound imbued with a variety of powerful techniques that I’ve created studying native american medicine and the Mozart effect as well as famous sound researcher  Tom Kenyon. It will give you’re brain a charge, and should only be listened to with headphones or ear plugs on medium volume. It is so short it can be listened to several times a day when sitting or lying down.

It has been specially created as part of my coaching techniques to quickly change patterns deeply entrenched in the subconscious, and to give new ones in its place that are positive, uplifting, and  empower you with the chance to do the things you want in life. It is a tool to help you out of that same old rut.

So, would you rather  be sassy, happy, fulfilled and enjoying  life, or sitting back, hoping something good comes along? Fill out the form below to receive this valuable tool, free!