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It’s hard, being the first one out of the egg.

There’s light, and the sound of others around us, but we just can’t get a clear view of what’s going on.

Man, it is  hard work to bend your head back, and all around, chipping away from point ‘A’ 180 degrees to point ‘B’, hoping that you’re doing things right, in the correct way in order to get out! Sometimes it takes almost three days to get the shell to point you can pop out, and breathe that first, full breath of fresh air and just flop your body into a completely free place of rest.


And, you must do it by yourself. No one can help you, because, if they break the shell open too early, then you can’t absorb every bit of the shell’s nutrients so vital to your first blood supply. This is the number one reason that chicks don’t make it when in incubators – the owners freak out and open the shell before it has had time to utilize all of the precious  blood nutrients, and the newly hatched chick dies from being too weak. Hey, I’m guilty myself. We want to ‘save’ others from pain, especially our kids.

It is vital in life to suffer, for it shapes us, making us strong for the future. If we choose to learn from these experiences, then we work new muscles, strengthen our bodies, our minds, also giving us understanding of the suffering of others.

Then we can be encouragement for the others struggling to get out; pipping to the other chicks, offering support, driving them to want to see what’s beyond their own little shell –  but in their own time, no ours.