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peacefulness takes practiceI got a phone call late Christmas Eve, so didn’t listen to it until Christmas Day, because  I saw it was from the goat lady – surely in regards to my disappearing milk.

As I listened to the message unfold, it was from her husband. Apparently she had left him, and she had just done it on Christmas Eve.

I listened to him try to explain that everyone in the family had been surprised and that he was just taking it one day at a time.

If I had left an ugly spiteful message the other day in my anger about being wronged over my goat milk, that would have made me feel really bad to hear that voice mail. I knew that was coming, or getting pretty close, evidenced by her level of anxiety and revved up attitude every week. It was obvious she was not taking care of her deep, emotional needs.

Taking care of yourself so that you are able to handle things objectively is paramount to your peace and happiness in life, and with your relationships.

I’ve talked before about waiting in the space between conversations – between texts, actively listening in all of your conversations,(which means to be quiet when the other is thinking),breathing slowly, calmly, while paying attention to the other’s body language, facial expressions, and allowing the other a space to express himself as he is best able, in his time, not ours.

This is key to any successful communication, which is crucial to whether or not a relationship survives.

And, a large part of this is making sure you are heard.

In order to do this, you must learn to listen to yourself.
That does not mean the limited ‘you’, the human who is looking for peace extraneously and bogged down in the day to day drama.
This means getting into the space of quiet, of listening to the inner voice of God that resonates within yourself.

That was what I did in the car, as I mentioned in the earlier post, I prayed, asked for guidance, and talked myself through my anger, what I perceived as betrayal for her letting someone else take my milk, letting all of my feelings express and be released, until I could get to a place of calm, and objective caring for the one who had wronged me. I could not have got to that caring place if I had not taken time to express and listen to myself.
It is only when we move into the realm of the heart and soul, of quiet and asking for guidance that we receive truth and wisdom.
Many of us do not wish to hear what our authentic selves have to say. We run from memories that cause even the slightest pain or sadness.
We fill our lives with buying this or that, trying this new gimmick, that new product, new network groups, internet games, works of fiction and fantasy that keep us separate and disconnected from our inner truth, the true voice of the God most High, the Creator.

As a medicine woman, I have an obligation to humanity – to share ideas, knowledge, teachings from ancient texts and belief systems – many things that may have been kept from you as a whole. Our global society has been deluded with half truths, trickery and deception. Many of our ancient sacred texts world over have been partially destroyed, desecrated and altered by humans as a form of control.

My posts will move forward into these teachings as I understand them. What that means is simply that I will share my experiences with you, and how different tools may be used to help one delve further into honest techniques of how to find our true, authentic selves, as God intended. This will not be for everyone, and I am content with that.

I will not tell you that there is only one path or way to follow. I will share with you many tools, treasures and ideas that have great power in your life, if used with your highest good in mind. Old ways are powerful ways, and must be used with caution and integrity. Any work one does should always keep that in mind, and setting the intent for every day is crucial if one wishes to find true empowerment and joy.

Understand that I am a mystic, a psychic encyclopedia, if you will, as I have an understanding of many different concepts and realities, ways to exist and find a way to ‘be’ in the world. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with any or all of them. either does it mean that I am an expert in any one thing. It means that I have found my own way in the world, and am happy with a loving Creator who guides my life and gives me understanding in ways that I am able to understand it. Therefore, I will do my best to come from a place of unconditional love, answer your questions as best I can, and share what I know with you.

This blog will be developing and changing over the next year, as I find new ways to share old ideas with the world in a format that is most familiar to the majority. Most of the ancient teachers are hidden away in remote places of the world, typically near mountain ranges, where quiet, clean and high elevations are definite ways to get into a natural, unhampered rhythm that allows one to have a greater ability to ‘hear’ what others cannot in the bustle and materialism of large cities, among a teeming population with their large bursts of energy and distractions. I have been led to come out from my own little hiding place in the mountains, and to learn to communicate with people from all walks of life, from all places on the globe, and to help as I am able. For some, it is confirmation, for others it will offer many new ways to view the world.

My hope is to : see new ways at looking at things, discover ancient truths that can benefit one’s life and create positive change, find a way to be at peace with the talents, emotional and physical gifts that God has given each and every one of us – so that we can find the purpose behind what we’ve been given and to make it a viable tool for success during the rest of our lives.

Blessings in the coming year, as we travel together as long as The Creator deems…