Wow, this is great! Coconut oil has many benefits for your pets, too..


Coconut oil has many great health benefits, not only for people but for animals too. I use it all the time for our house pets and farm animals. Coconut oil is naturally anti-microbial, and its nutritional qualities can relieve joint pain and itchy skin, promote dental health, shiny fur and even help to maintain a good body weight.
There are numerous uses for coconut oil in the barn. I have a pony who gets sweet itch – an allergic reaction to certain insect bites – every spring. But when I apply some coconut oil right onto the itchy spots, he stops scratching at the bites and the raw spots start to heal within a couple of days. It brings him relief for the remainder of the season. I’ve also used coconut oil as a thrush aid in my horses’ hooves. I melt the coconut oil into liquid form, take a…

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