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It is possible to create a new, energetic you.

It is possible to create a new, energetic you.

One of the most important ways you can begin to change yourself spiritually is through dietary changes.
Adding certain staples to your diet, even if you can’t afford to make many changes all at once, will begin to make huge differences in how you feel, both emotionally and physically. And, when others around you see the changes in you, he or he will be more open to trying what you’re doing, as well.

In fact, I would never encourage you to make dramatic, unusual changes all at once.It is not fair to the human mind and body to push it to such levels of distress. We wouldn’t ask a year old child to run a marathon. That is ridiculous. However, I have seen people do just that to themselves, and then wonder two weeks later why they fail. It is cruel to throw out all white sugar, sodas, coffee, bread and other starches while demanding ones’ self to enlist in a new exercise regimen that is more for a body builder or tri-athlete. This is where unconditional self-love is key. When making life changes, as this is, consistency and planning are key. We have to make time for developing a new life style, as it involves new thought processes and regimens. This is how we evolve.

Home food preparation as often as you can is one large benefit to you and yours. There is tremendous energetic benefit to making things with your own hands. As you are preparing your food, there is not only a tremendous benefit from the lack of processing, preservatives, and ‘deadness’ of food made in a factory, you can also set the intent for your food. This is an extremely valuable tool for self development, because you are blessing the items you are cooking, setting the intent for what you are about to eat, and you can give thanks for whatever has died so that you might live.

Energy is everything, especially inside of our bodies and minds. If you think of neurons, synapses, the electrical charges within our organs, and the feelings we give and receive from others, it is a large and essential part of our survival to be filling our bodies with highly charged foods. We get this when we eat as naturally and as fresh as possible. I actually know people who eat only raw foods, even meat, but that is not my path. Due to digestive issues and financial considerations, I’ve had to learn to survive on a mixture of organic and processed foods for the time being. Be aware, even adding a few fresh ingredients and supplements to you diet will bring you great joy and empowerment over a fully processed diet.
I am going to start in the next few posts by explaining what food items have made the greatest impact in my life, and teach you ways to incorporate them into your eating, whatever your lifestyle. Making the switch to a greener existence is easier than you may think.

I will take you through levels of change, as well, so that it isn’t such a drastic difference in your life that you fail. Starting with baby steps, and giving yourself lots of encouragement is key to surviving in this move from a processed world. It is possible.

You will succeed if you believe in the possibility that you deserve to be successful.

I believe in you.

Let’s start by talking about oils.