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This time of year can cause a great amount of digestive issues.

This time of year can cause a great amount of digestive issues.

This time of year is a source of dread for many, with depression, sadness, stomach issues and lethargy being common complaints. The extra eating and cooking, often of heavier, decadent food can bring on further upset.  You may feel that nothing brings you joy; you feel miserable, isolated and in constant stomach pain, accompanied with headaches and/or nausea.

If so, you can find relief and peace from understanding and caring for your bowels.

I am 100% serious. You would be amazed at how different you will feel, with renewed energy and happiness because you feel more alert, more at peace, and you will have renewed focus and clarity. Your skin will be clearer, and your vision will improve. Instead of craving sugary sweets and other unhealthy foods, you will have a sense of well-being that carries through to all areas of your life.

Things you must know –

1. You should have a bowel movement after every meal.
2. the SAD (Standard American diet) creates an underactive colon, which greatly inhibits overall health
3. The condition of your digestive tract determines your overall health

I once had a doctor tell me that it was OK to only have three bowel movements a week. Let me share with you that the body is a high performance machine, greater than anything man has ever created. When you are in good health, you are virtually unstoppable.

A main culprit in many of our health issues are today’s occupations, which tend to be stressful, sedentary and that keep us from our natural body functions. As a result, the peristaltic or crunching actions of the bowels become weaker and ineffective over time, so that waste backs up, sticks to the walls, and creates a haven for low vibrational bacteria, candida overload, parasites and disease. We feel bloated, unwell, lethargic, and cranky, with head and stomach aches. These low energies then alter our overall emotional state and vitality.

The resulting underactive digestive tract can get relief from a bowel tonic. I would suggest a tonic first over laxatives, a harsh cleanse or adding an overflow of fiber to the diet because it is essential to restore the colon to a better state gently and with a holistic approach. This is especially true in the  small intestine, as this is where important nutrients are absorbed, while the foods we eat are being digested.

Understand, too, that a tonic is an overall aid to the digestive tract, and a good one like Dr. Christopher’s aids secretions, gets the peristaltic action moving again, and helps soothe and nurture a damaged tract. So, it is much more than just attempting to push old debris along.

If you would like more information on understanding the scientific function of your body, look here, on Dr. Jon Barron’s site for overall health, http://www.jonbarron.org/article/death-begins-colon. He is one of the most trusted names for cutting edge health care products  and for learning about all disease. Any of his products will be of definite benefit and of high quality. They can be expensive, so I save up and use them during different times of the year.

If you have already been feeling that a digestive tonic would be good for you, but are unsure of where to start, I will give you some further suggestions if Barron’s may be a little hard on your wallet.

Herbal remedies done with pride, care and study are of great benefit as a starting point for many beginners. Dr. Christopher is one of the leaders in natural medicine, and these products are affordable and trustworthy. I have studied in some of his programs, and had great success with the knowledge and high quality plant materials this store creates. See here for many wonderful health solutions, but in particular his Quick Colon Cleanse 1 and 2.

The plant materials are a carefully blended mix to aid in overall restorative functions, such as mucous secretion of the bowels, fiber, willow charcoal for maximum toxin absorption, and cayenne and ginger to restore much needed ‘heat’ to the stomach. You can also expect to lose anywhere from five to fifteen pounds in bound waste if you’ve never done a cleansing tonic for the bowels.

These Christopher formulations are exact and used world wide, so that you do not have to worry about how much of each to take; it is already capsulized and ready to take. There are many distributors over the web that can give you nice discounts, and I included a great site below, (see mynaturalproducts.com) but here is the actual site, http://www.drchristophersherbshop.com/searchresults.asp?searching=Y&sort=7&cat=1819&show=30&page=5
Scroll to the bottom to see the tonics. When you call to place an order, the staff are also very friendly and helpful in giving suggestions and answering questions.

(As an aside, I feel that the benefits of charcoal are so amazing that I just want to share a link with you about how activated charcoal helps with toxins and poisons, http://amazinghealth.com/charcoal-therapy)

These products are gentle and effective, so you will keep dairy and starches to more of a minimum, with less heavy meat items, and be sure to drink 8 oz. of water for each 1o pounds of weight for about three weeks. This will create much needed relief as you begin to make changes to a newly improved, much happier you!

For myself in the  new year, here is a book I am ordering to start my own personal cleansing and regenerative diet, based on where I am at in my current health journey. In the meantime, I am juicing daily, and limiting starches until I get started.  I didn’t get this with my herbology program, so I look forward to checking it out.


I look forward to this new journey together. Let me know what products help your health!