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Simply Joys are Sacred

What goes into our mouths, feeds are soul; therefore, I bless everything that goes there.

I have struggled with trauma-induced weight issues my whole life, and this past year has taught me many things about forgiveness, love of self, understanding that there is a true and loving God who loves me and reveals truth in Divine timing, not my own.

Through these discoveries, I have been able to maintain my weight through the stress of the past five months. I take simple joy from ALL that is revealed, especially the purpose for my own suffering, and how it teaches me further love and compassion for my fellow humankind, even if they are attempting to hurt me. I am no longer a victim to past pain, but free to experience and love fully.

Today I’ve made art for lunch; a refreshing, delicious scented salad. Starting with a museli mix, I added celery, then dill pickle chips and dandelion leaves for a much needed bitter, radish and grated ginger for stomach ‘heat’, mixed unsalted nuts for protein, a large squeeze of fresh lemon, Italian herbed feta cheese, grated carrots, and sliced tomatoes. Every item has life from the Creator, and aids in our healing.

Simple pleasures like this will carry us throughout our day, no matter the turmoil or issues around us, help us ground in a place where so much is changing.
May you feel love and joy, no matter where you are, for you are loved.