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In this blog – barely five months old- I hope to share
how healing our past traumas to discover one’s true, authentic self is aided through a better understanding of unconditional love (of self, then others) sexuality, how men think, how food is medicine, and is all combined to find spiritual peace and happiness. An understanding of all these things are crucial to being satisfied, as well as keeping another.

When we take the path of ‘healer’, or the path takes us, it is an all encompassing task -requiring the use of mind, body and soul to be as integrated as possible. It does not mean one is spotless or better than another. It definitely does NOT mean we are perfect. I have learned that my suffering is a great teacher that gives me greater depth, brings an awareness to my own limitations as a human, and allows me to receive daily guidance from a loving Creator who allows us freedom of choice to make our own way in the world, ever followed by angels and those who help us, even when unaware. Yes, I firmly believe there is darkness in this world, and many forces that can be against us. And, we always have a choice whether to give in to this, or to struggle towards better understanding, more development/awareness, and then new choices – each with a consequence, based on our actions.

The Creator has given us many ‘tools’ on this earth to help us, if we choose to use them, in the form of animals, plants and minerals. It is our personal choice whether or not to use these gifts, and there are many ways to do so. It has been my experience that there is a tremendous value in prayer, food as medicine, and the use of energy work in healing. I have seen angels, entities, and wonders of which many just write about as fiction. I have seen many miracles occur when one agrees to accept the possibility that what Jesus said was true, that we are meant to do great works, just as He has done. Many cultures all over the world do this type of healing on themselves and others, daily, and with great success. Yet, in America, where we claim to be founded on Christian principles, we collectively seek to destroy what is good and pure in life, as well as each other and all that live around us.

As Americans, we’ve become so eco-centric that we tend to forget the simple pleasures of life, have no sense of the importance of delayed gratification, as our disposable culture pushes us even more and more away from understanding the value of life, esoteric knowledge, and spiritual development.

As someone who has survived satanic ritual abuse, sexual trauma, neglect, the destruction of my family that led to false imprisonment of my husband, and near break down of myself – I feel I have earned the right to speak as I do. Through this suffering, I can see and understand it in others, and can share the weight of shame, pain, and trauma. I can also say that you always have a choice whether to remain a victim, and allow your perpetrators to win; or you can find ways to grieve your loss and begin to love yourself and become who it is that you were born to be, finding the purpose of a true, authentic self that makes a difference in the world and lives a fulfilled life, standing up for what is true and just in the world, while caring and respecting all life forms.

It was no small feat to handle my weight while writing grievances against a corrupt prison system, to different governmental officials in my home state of North Carolina, telling our sad and traumatic story at any site that claims to advocate against CPS, the legal system, or to help kids with special needs. By and large, I have received the silent treatment, slamming doors, and worse. But, as I became stronger over the past three years, discovering my own true strength and ability, as I developed an even more personal connection to my purpose in life, and how intimately God is connected to my well-being, there are been some amazing results, though small to some people, others who understand how tough self advocation is would be amazed at the recent miracles.

I have separated these legal struggles with the Department of Social Services, as well as the corruption of the prison and legal system in a blog that is spoken in the voice of my husband from prison as well as containing all of the legal documentation I’ve had to write on his behalf over the past three years. Even though we legally divorced two years ago after much discussion, our love has grown even stronger while separated. I chose celibacy about six months ago to appreciate the value of silence and removing more distraction from my life. Right after this decision, my husband was thrown into isolation for standing up against inhumane conditions in the prison.

So, when I talk to you about the importance of suffering, the priceless value of your authentic self – the original person that is the true you – the posts here are not empty words, they are diamonds I dug deep from the compressed dirt of my soul.

My work with people all over the world has been amazing, and my clients have also taught me many things as have all five children that I helped raise, and my husband, who is a terribly strong and enduring soul. I have also learned priceless lessons about working with children with special needs, and hope to share more about what they’ve come here to teach us with you. They are valuable teachers, pulling out our worst so that we can become our best, giving us new ways to view the world and how to live in it.

I look forward to this new and unpredictable year ahead, with many energetic shifts, miracles and learning to soon follow.
Blessings, today and always…