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Listen, and Your Body will Speak

I am working on a healing crisis in the third chakra, the space between the stomach and belly button. It is in alignment with my current life issues, and I am struggling to create action from my thoughts. Ulcers and GERD are the physical manifestation.

I stood in the Whole foods, and asked for guidance. The picture shows what evolved, and I will just briefly gloss over this powerful mixture.

Aloe Vera is not part of the juicing of the others shown, but an internal supplement of 1/4 cup mixed with 6 ounces fruit juice, twice daily. Extremely valuable and powerful, its gel absorbs internal toxins, helps alkaline the pH for wellness, contains 200 active components, and has 2o minerals. It is a life saver for digestive ills. My pain has been almost non-existent since starting last week. See here for more valuable information,

Red cabbage contains 36 different anti-cancer properties, can reduce brain plaque known to cause Alzheimer’s via anthocyanins, which also protect and heal cells. Also great for ulcers and high blood pressure, as has selenium and glutamine. Viatmins C, E, A and suphur are also here. If you have kidney or gall stones, keep this to a minimum, due to oxalates.

Beets – powerhouse of aid to the liver, reduces macular degeneration due to its beta-carotene content, raises good cholesterol while lowering the bad , has betaine which lowers homoysteine, contains folates and the pigment betacyaninis which counteracts cancer growth and inhibits cell mutation. Great for indigestion, constipation gall bladder and heart disease.

Celery is high in Vitamin A in its leaves, with B1,2 and 6 in its stems. Balances the pH, neutralizes acidity, aids in inflammation, curbs urge for sweets.

Carrots are a valuable source of beta carotene, and deserve their own post, as do apples, which I will discuss separately, as apples have amazing healing properties, especially the Mother from apple cider vinegar like Mother Bragg.

Lemons are an overall miracle supplement, with far too many benefits to list in this tiny space. Weight loss, constipation, diabetes, kidney stones, a stomach cleanse, blood purifier, and full of nutrients. Check out this great site
This is a great way to start off my year.
Thank you, body!