As we embark on a new year, there are many choices we can make that will drastically change our way of living. I ask you to consider that food is medicine, and how we treat our food says a great deal about us. Blessings…

Sex, Shape and Spirituality

What are you feeding the ones you love?

You must  hear me in your heart, as the Ones who know do not speak out loud about these things. The fragile tapestry that is our life is being threatened.

“It is coming,”he said, “of a time when even dog will turn against man. This will be the end for mankind.” Cherokee teacher, Elkhorn Vaughn, in a class on the Cherokee way.

Do you truly understand what you are eating, and why?

Mass produced meat, coming from CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) is a terrible poison to our society, for many reasons.

However, this is not a dissertation. It is only one small voice in a sea of hate, fear, and unbridled anger.

Listen up. Your children are angry because you are you are feeding them angry food.(the Earth)

Please consider the value of what you eat. We’ve all heard the body is…

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