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In my quest to be gluten-free (or GMO free), and move towards a completely vegan lifestyle, I will be sharing my experiences with you on the recipes, as well as the results for my family and myself.

As a medicine woman who works with people having both very serious emotional and physical illness, it is crucial that I keep the mHZ of my organs and body as far above 90 as possible, as most of our organs require that level of energy to stay well. The fresher, more raw the food, the higher the energy that we ingest. Avoiding meat as much as possible has many positive ramifications, as well as is an ethical obligation due to the way the majority of our meat makes its way to our table. From an energetic standpoint, the move away from the dense, dead tissue is paramount for intuitives and healers, or those that care to evolve.

(I am curious as to how to bake without eggs, so will keep searching for that remedy)

I want this transition to be as peaceful as possible, and with an 85 year old mother and two teen boys, changing diets can be like pulling teeth. I incorporate as much fun stuff as I can, and yesterday was one of those days. We made mini-doughnuts, gluten-free and chocolate!, which were really yummy and not greasy(no deep fried cholesterol) as we steamed them in a doughnut cooker like a waffle iron, but with holes for the batter. It was a great find! You can also use this as waffle batter, it should make 8 waffle sections. Baking pans for doughnuts are also an option.

Chocolate Rolled/ Chocolate Doughnuts- Ingredients

3 c. Silvana’s All purpose gluten free flour (http://bitylink.info/JGke)

6 TBL. of coconut oil (or whatever you use for oil, but add 2 TBL.)

1 c. each of brown sugar, packed; and granulated sugar

3/4 c. leftover coffee from morning pot (or 3/4 c. of water/instant espresso), cooled

2 large eggs (mine, home grown) room temp and slightly beaten

1 TBL. almond or vanilla flavoring   3 t. baking powder  1-1/2 t. each b.soda  and salt

1/2 c. unsweetened cocoa powder (I used gluten free Hersheys)


I always mix my fats and sugars first; hand mixing if using a liquid oil.

(In a separate bowl, I presift all of my dry ingredients together. Sifting is essential to well-blended dry ingredients. )

Next, I stir in pre-whisked eggs with my fats/sugars, and then add the coffee, as well as the other liquids, whisking more to combine.

Then, slowly add the above to the dry, sifted ingredients, until just combined. Fill your waffle iron or doughnut cups, and wait for the green ‘ready’ light to come on. Silvana uses doughnut baking pans, so she heats the oven to 350 and checks with a toothpick to test doneness, about 18 minutes.

I then rolled mine in a mixture of 1/4 c. cocoa sifted with 1/2 c. of confectioner’s sugar, but Silvana makes a glaze by stirring together 1/4 c. of boiling water with 6 oz. of Ghirardelli chopped semisweet chocolate. When melted, she added 2-1/4 c. confectioner’s sugar, with 1-1/2 tbl. of corn syrup and 1 t. pure vanilla extract, stirring until smooth.