10 little things that make 1Big difference (7 day challenge to discovery)

It’s time to wake up.
Yeah, you…the one who keeps putting things off until…well, further notice.
Today is YOUR day to – change, create new energy, make space for good stuff. NOW.

(pssttt, it’s called time management)

Ready to conquer your mind clutter?

1. Count to 3 while inhaling. Eyes closed. Receive love and strength.

2. Exhale to the count of 4. Push all of that old air/stress/pain out until you feel your pelvic muscles.

3. Repeat, holding out the count a little longer each way. Inhale, think “I am.” Exhale, think “loo-vv-eed”.

4. Roll your neck completely around to the left twice, then twice to the right, listening to all the little pops as your tension is released.

5. Without moving your head, attempt to look ‘up’ by rolling your eyes upwards as far as they will go, then ‘down’ as far as will go. Then roll them as far to the left, then roll around to the right. Do this four times; so – looking up, down, left, right – don’t move your head – for four reps. This stretches your poorly used eye muscles and begins to open your peripheral vision, or your line of sight.

6. Hook the tips of your fingers around the backs of your ears and bend the tips of your ears, then ‘pinching’, then rubbing all parts of your ears with your fingers. Your ears should be soft, supple and very flexible. If this hurts, then you are under extreme stress, and should do this all throughout the day. It relieves tension that can lead to migranes, and increases blood flow to stimulate the thinking process, as well as sends more oxygen to the brain.

7. Cut down your computer and/or t.v. time by 20 minutes in the evening; I mean it. Set a timer, play a 30 minute meditational cd, put a moon dial on your porch – whatever will measure time so you don’t. Sit or lie quietly, and just RECEIVE. Whatever comes in your head, acknowledge, thenlet it just go right back out. Breathe in the quiet. Begin to ask questions of your higher self. Just one or two. Allow the answer to come to you, even if you don’t like it. RECEIVE the gift of quiet time with self.

8. 10 minutes before the end of your work shift, stop. Log off the screen, get up, clean off your desk, wiping under all your clutter with a dust rag, imagining all the day’s stress going into that rag and away from you. It will feel better, and give you a fresh slate when you come in the next day.
Next, sit down and write down what you must get done tomorrow; in order of priority, adding little notes about who you may need to ask for help, or whatever supplies you may need – write it all down in the last five minutes. That way, you can leave it on that desk, along with the worries. When you get up, be relieved that you won’t forget anything tomorrow.

9. Think about your family, pets, where ever you are going next, and give thanks for that blessing as you gather your things, making little last minute preparations; like washing your coffee mug so it’s clean and ready in the a.m., washing out the coffee pot so Margie isn’t stuck doing it, again, and take a minute to bless your co-workers, boss and place of business, especially if you’re self-employed. All is in perfect order.

10. On the way to your next stop, pick one thing about yourself that you hate, and look at ways to see the blessing in it. Pretend you are a stranger and think how that person may actually really like that body part, way of thinking or expressing yourself, or unusual talent that you have.

Try this for 7 days, I dare you; no, double dog dare you! Tell me what happens.
I’d LOVE to hear from you…



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