Can You Hear Me?


Day 3,

and I need to get on the scale.

After eating enough protein for an NFL linebacker

yesterday, I’m skeered….breathe…

241….OK, so I lost .8 pound…whatever works. I know there are too many factors from yesterday’s fiasco to utilize this information, but am just thankful.

The boys got on the bus (thank you, Creator), I’ve had my coffee, with a little less sugar and creamer than yesterday, had a pint of water, and about four bites of sausage. I’m learning to really appreciate what goes in my mouth, and asking my body when to stop. I’m also asking my body if it’s actually hungry, or just dehydrated.

It’s extremely important to obese people that we sit quietly with our bodies, and actually let the organs ‘speak’ their mind. Because our inner child, our authentic self was made to believe it didn’t have value or a voice, the natural perfection of speaking was lost. Our parental units or those we trusted actually taped our soul’s mouth shut. We weren’t allowed to eat when truly in need of nourishment, we weren’t held when we cried, our feelings weren’t validated. We forgot how to ‘be’.

I don’t force myself to eat just because it’s the a.m. I drink, thinking over my goals for this morning. I’m not hungry now, but am really needing some fluids.   Because our body can’t say, “Hey, I need water, ” it sends us a signal that we need something in our mouth, and unless we pay attention, we usually throw in food.

Learning to listen to your insides is crucial to your success, as well as being truly healthy.

“Ro…,” she says this morning.I put my left hand over the infamous place above my belly button, where there is only a dull hurt for a change. The left hand receives information, energy, etc. In energy work, this is where we ‘get’ the vibrations to do the work, what I use to hold the pendulum when dowsing, or what I place on myself when I am injured.

“Yo, need to stop drinking coffee altogether, OK? And, I need you to get these books down and start a green juice. Another thing…look at Robb’s take on protein. Oh, and look at the Low Blood Sugar Handbook for what to do when I’m getting low. ‘K?”

So, here I sit.

I start with the Juicing Bible, as my favorite book from Hallelujah Acres was borrowed by one of my clients, and never returned. Sigh…I will visit their web site later, and see what’s going on.

I flip through The Juicing Bible instead, and pray for guidance. I see I need to start pulping, which means to utilize the mash that is left over after the green  liquid goodness is extracted. This is a huge health bonus when you don’t throw this away, but upcycle it into your eating. Fiber, enzymes, vitamins, nutrients, and, yes, PROTEIN. It is suggested that 20% of our daily intake come from vegetable sources, preferably raw.

Bitters and Digestifs  feel right to me. So, I’m looking at dandelion root, probiotics, pineapple, mints, fennel, cinnamon, ginger root, turmeric, papaya, cumin, cloves. We just don’t get digestive enzymes anymore, and the fresher, rawer roots and spices stimulate the digestive juices, as well. Many of our herbal roots and medicinals have a very high healing vibration, so they are crucial to our overall health.

If we look at the energetics of a cancerous tumor, its MHz are 30. Compare that to a rose, which is completely edible, btw, which resonates at 320MHz. American wild ginseng is extremely high, as well, which is why it is harvested and sold for over $400. a pound. Food is medicine, people.

I thumb through, and get some recipe ideas, but will need to go back to the store. My limited income is killing me. I spent $350. at the store over the weekend, getting a variety of odds and ends, but no fresh foods. Walmart fruits and veggies are in terrible condition, and fresh greens haven’t been harvested yet. I will have to go to a local grocery store today, and check out my options. After I check out my checkbook…

I need to eat every two hours, but not just anything. Keeping the blood sugar level even keeled will help with headaches,being irritable, sleepiness, inability to concentrate, negative moods, spacing out, and the need to binge.

I can’t digest raw broccoli and such right now, so some healthy snacks to consider –

celery and a good quality peanut butter, nutella, or cashew or almond butter handful of nuts                                                                                                   a frozen bag of fresh fruit you picked this summer, pint sized, like blueberries, strawberries or peaches                                                                                one hard boiled egg, preferrably fresh off the farm, not from the CAFO (thank you to my little flock of hens and their roosters)                                             3/4 c. cottage cheese with 3 TBL. of canned fruit in its own juice, not heavy

So, I’m getting the idea. I’m sipping on another 10 ounces of water, and realize that I’m hungry. Guess I’ll eat my cup of yogurt and start my day.

Oh, and I have a date…


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