Just a short review on day 4

After five days of a similar regimen, I have noticed already

that my stomach is tightening, I am standing taller,

and I don’t hurt so much in the mid-section.


I can’t tell you enough how valuable Pilates is to the overall health                          of the body, combined with HIIT. I am avoiding bread like the plague, and had one day of rice, at two meals,

because I have run out of money for groceries. This always happens at the end of the month, so I try to buy in bulk, and to plan ahead as much as I can. The carbs on that day totalled 250, which is what is recommended for a 2,000 calorie diet, but I personally want to keep that closer to half. We’ll see how things develop.

The fresh pineapple as a meal got the digestive enzymes in my system, and really kept the pain down. I definitely need assistance for the digestive tract.

OK, let’s review.

Aug 26 – 241.8  Aug 27-  241   Aug 28  – 240.8   Aug. 29 – 239

I will do this every day, at the same time every day up to day 14. I will not stress, fret, or freak out. I need fourteen days of data to see what’s happening for me.

Let’s look at my exercise for yesterday, as well as my food intake.

I started off with 1/2 banana so I could take my colon cleanse tabs. I also took one super-biotic capsule, at 20 billion. Never buy any probiotcs that don’t come refrigerated. Now that I know I have ulcers and the GERD-acid reflux thing, I have to go to Jon Barron’s biotics, as well as his digestive enzymes. He has the best products I know, and I deserve to get better, so that’s getting ordered this weekend.

1/2 c. yogurt  90 ounces of water, same coffee amount and creamer deal

1 1/2 TBL. of Nutella, eaten at two different times as it is so rich

1/2 c. 4% cottage cheese and 5 sections of canned cinnamon pears

1/4 c. spaghetti/93% ground beef, standard sauce and 1/2 fresh pineapple

Exercise consisted of –  10 minutes stretching for beginners popilates  10 min          Hearth Throbber 8  min even though I was only able to do 3 burpees, I did try, though.

I watch and account for everything I put in my mouth, as that is crucial so you can make sure your exercise or output balances the caloric input.

I talk to myself during my urges to eat, and make sure that my body needs it, and if  I feel I have to splurge, I will eat a regular spoon full of Nutella or cashew or almond butter, and enjoy it. I don’t wolf it down, I eat it slow, and actually hold it in my mouth, appreciating it.

I did have a Coke Zero, but no shake, as I can’t tolerate all of the crazy ingredients and aspartame, etc in my system at one time.

More tomorrow…






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