Ready to receive? (My treat for you…)

Empowerment is yours this weekend,                                                         manifest, success, emowerment

as the new moon rests in Scorpio, an eclipse that will offer intense introspection,

a chance to break old patterns that may have a hold on you, and

open you up to new possibilities.

Start today with looking inward, feeling a comfort with your own abilities to create,

using the strength of the weekend to open new doors of manifestation.

I would like to give you my FIRST free mp3 download, “Becoming the One”, as a tool to help you create the life you desire.

This unique and vibrant healing melody was created especially for use at this time, to help you move into a place of empowerment, self love, and confidence for the coming year. Based on two decades of healing work, it is also encoded with subliminal messaging based on the scientific research of both Tom Kenyon, one of today’s premier acoustic sound healers, as well as New York Times bestseller Dr. Oliver Sacks, cognitive  neuroscientist.

It is also embued with powerful reiki attunements, which are widely acclaimed by both Oprah and Dr. Oz to the extent that after Oprah’s show about reiki in 2007, she received more emails than ever previously! Here is some sample info, if you’ve never heard of reiki,

I will be releasing this never before heard track to you, free of charge if you sign up now, by filling out the short form below.

This timely mp3 will be released to you starting Sunday, November 3, 2013, 7:50 a.m. eastern time, in conjunction with the new moon.

The energy within will give you a preview of what my Power Session coaching services can assist you in achieving for your future.

Don’t wait. I will help you move into an empowering new year full of positive change and freedom. (Be sure to just overwrite my personal information with your own in the forms below.)


1 thought on “Ready to receive? (My treat for you…)”

  1. The picture is also great as empowerment. I like it

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