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75509_1209848228742_fullThe supernatural is discussed in almost every book forum across the world; it is no secret that people are fascinated by what dwells ‘across the veil’. Spirits, sprites, angels, ghosts, demons, animal spirits, the fae,  Greek gods, vampires, were wolves – we make these fiction authors millionaires.

As a medicine woman, I see, feel and hear all of these energies, and am amazed; constantly, that the same people who devour these fictional works are terrified to experience them in reality. Whether or not you choose to accept it doesn’t mean these creatures are not living, moving and existing near and right there with you. Now. As you read this post or watch that new episode of ‘Supernatural’ or VC.

I have paid attention to this wave, an insurgence  of new age fumbling with the old, ancient texts, language, spells and incantations spun in shadow and with only half truths for guidance. There are careless experiences with Ouija and voodoo, an overall lack of respect for plant medicine, the irreverent use of animal remains, tooth, feather or bone. The lack of love for Nature, the four directions, our Earth Mother, even the air divas, as well as total ignorance in working with the animal kingdom is painfully adding to the daily destruction of the world, and our life, as we have known it.

I hear and see that many talk of being ‘seekers’, yet there is little action. I watch people ‘playing’ with crystals, bragging about spells they’ve learned or done, or how someone is looking for a teacher. Yet, when someone appears, they run the other way, or when a valid reader tells a client personal things and gives honest, earned knowledge to help the client heal and improve his/her life, why is it neither followed nor appreciated?

The integrity and honor of this work is a sacred calling; it did not manifest overnight. When I ‘take’ the pain, it is exactly that; I am transmuting pain, disease, heartache, the entity, miasm, tumor, or cyst and pulling it from your tissue, and releasing it through years of knowledge, experiential study, channeling, and prayer. I always carry it from your energy through mine, and then outward, to the Universal flow. It takes great skill and years of practice to keep these higher vibrations from settling in my body or making me sick, and the work does take its toll over time. You can learn that these pains are  lessened through dietary choices, meditation, water, and a move to a less carbon diet. The more raw, plant based food you ingest with love, the better, especially things you grow yourself.

Never underestimate the intimacy and love that flows from plant to owner, especially over time. Plants have a huge capacity for unconditional love, and give of themselves that we may live, in harmony with humans as long as we continue  to create or re-discover our connection to the natural world. Plants dance, feel, and even think, with sensitive systems that are more highly developed than our own. The Creator has given us a cure for every disease from the plant pharmacopeia, and it is our duty to curate, protect and resonate with the natural world, both plant and animal.

Once you begin to see the value of these esoteric connections, and learn about how we strengthen these bonds, we are then more able to see clearly the true value of the other humans around us, as well. We become more sensitive to the inner workings of the opposite sex, and can begin to communicate without words, but with the harnessing of energy.

We sense when the other is near, or in danger, or thinking of us. We can prolong or bring on the orgasm of the other or ourselves, and learn ways to intensify the pleasure of both of you with guided imagery and energetic exchange, strengthening the bonds of intimacy, pleasure and connection over time, instead of drifting apart. Through guided meditation, partner work, reiki, Native American healing and other forms of energy work, connections between the spiritual and physical body are developed, strengthened; pulling your authentic self back together, giving you a new view of life. There is a stronger desire to live, a more positive outlook, better health, and vigorous, passionate love relations that are mind blowing.

There is expansive, priceless and much sought after knowledge to be found in taking time to study and reflect on the old way of doing things. The brief pleasure of instant gratification is forgotten once one is saturated in the lasting glow of a developed practice that is mastered over time, with respect and in following sacred principles from the ancient ones.