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Isolated. Alone. Misunderstood. Unloved. Depressed. Teens and young adults are suffering all over the world. I hear and feel you; I know your struggle to find a place to ‘be’ that is safe. I see it the emo movement, which is now quite prevalent even in middle school life, and by the angst on fb and other web posts. Many energetic forces are working against you, so the more knowledge you have, the better your chances of rising above and into a more peaceful and happy state.

There are many universal forces out there, all about – this is a time of great upheaval and move towards a new state of being. There are many biblical references coming to pass, as well as other ancient visions being realized. The current way is life is no longer working energetically, and Gaia and those within her are pushing towards a new dimension. This is not the time to be afraid, it is a time to be aware, and to begin researching the wonderful, diverse, and exciting possibilities. The more tools you have in your holistic tool belt, the better your life experiences, and the more you can manifest the life that deserve.

I would like to do some articles on different modalities of healing work – an introduction to the rich and vastly different way that energy and light workers offer assistance in this chaotic time. Many of you do not have access to this ancient, yet valuable knowledge, so I feel led to share some of my friends and colleagues with you. If you would like to recommend a modality for me to research, or know someone who has helped you holistically, please let me know. I’d love to write about it. So, be on the look out for a sprinkling of these wonderful facilitators between my other articles on well-being and finding the best mate for you.

Stay tuned!