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The time for change is now. In this moment.
Breathe in deep, feeling love, acceptance, peace.
Hold that breath and realize that you are worth all of these, and more…
you were made by a loving Creator, given unique gifts, and meant to make a difference in the world.

Slowly exhale to the count of 6, feeling all tension, stress, and sadness leave your chest and bowels.
Push, push and push that muscle under the lungs, the diaphragm, letting all stagnant energy be removed.

Breathe in deep, to the count of 4, lifting even to your shoulders the feelings of love, joy, and abundance. Release again to the count of 6, giving all worry permission to leave, releasing all your troubles and pain to Creator, and out of your cells.

Sacred change in on the wind, powerful change with unlimited possibilities.
In order to align with these energetic vibrations, I will be opening my doors,
offering a two year apprenticeship that will meet in different places in North Carolina and Virginia, depending on which areas have the most students.

We will cover topics such as –

the sacred drum; how to make one and how to tap into its ancient healing power

the purpose of smudging the body, home and living/working spaces, and what one uses and how it heals

original voice – how everyone has one, how it manifests healing and prosperity, and why we should chant, sing and tone – how to use a variety of syllables for different types of healing

The power of music to heal or destroy, and what types of music advancements are available, looking at cymatics, the power of entrainment, Dr. Emoto, Dr. Jenny, Aeoliah, Stewart Pearce, solfeggio, and other techniques

How to connect to angels, spirit guides, animal spirits and totems, and why this is valuable

Plant as medicine; how we connect to and learn from them; discovering tinctures, essential oils, Bach essences, and how to use plants as medicine, also how to grow in a small space, no matter the place

Why the medicine wheel is a sacred and invaluable tool, that is applicable in every day life, and stones to make a portable wheel that can aid you on the go

The value of crystals in healing – as energetic, healing instruments, in making elixirs, protective grids for work, car or home, healing layouts and in drawing your highest good to you

Ways to champion the inner child – for health, wellness, sexual relationships and emotional balance, and as a way to raise your vibration to create the best and most fulfilling relationships for your future happiness

Guest speakers and artisans who will offer additional tools towards creating your peace and development, well-being and better relationships

Different modalities of hands on and distant energy work, and why working with energetics is such a valuable tool, studying chakra energy centers, moving blockages with energy, and how sound and color are helpful


– and more…making new connections and paving the way to better and more fulfilling relationships


In anticipation of the upcoming cycle of prophetic blood moons next month, I will have a new blog, new website and begin the pre-registration of this learning circle, open to anyone who cares to attend.
There will be more information on the new blog,  with introduction posts to follow.

I look forward to sharing new techniques and ancient technologies, with many materials, exciting books, and a wealth of information to propel you to a new and exciting future.